Saturday, 23 October 2010

Theory and Practicality - and a Musical!

This week has mostly centred around the terms theory and practicality for me. I think I am more of a theory-person than a practical person - it's important for me to think things through, to figure out why I react the way I do, things like cause-and-effect, the correlation between various things in my life. I write a lot, and have done since 2004 - so the theoretical side of my life is quite important to me.
I am however quickly realizing that life is far from all theory! Theory is great, but the question is how useful it is if you can't put theory into practicality! If you can't make practical use of your theories, then what's the point?
So basically what I'm working on now is actually putting all my thoughts and theories into use, making them work for me and moving them from my mind and from a piece of paper into the real world. Not always an easy thing to do, but I think it's worth putting an effort into!

Apart from studying - which is a constant factor in my life even though I don't spend much time at Uni these days - I have managed to get some practical stuff done now, and it's good to have got those out of the way.
One thing has been this HUGE renovation which will take place in January-February next year. I dread it SO much (long story), but at least I now have done all the practical stuff involved, chosen the look of the bathroom, placed the official order (they will also wallpaper my hallway, as they indicated they will probably do so much damage to it, I might as well get new wallpapers while they're at it) and stuff like that. What's left there is basically how I'm going to handle it, as I won't be able to live in my apartment for about 3 weeks ... but I'm trying not to panic about that just yet ...
I also managed to sort out some banking errands that I've been putting off for a while, so it feels good to have done that now - hopefully things will work out from now on!

The bit of really good news then ... :) I found out that one of my favourite Swedish musical artists, Christer Nerfont, will sing Jekyll & Hyde in two shows - in my home town!!!!! We have a rather small theatre here, but never get any of the "good stuff" *lol* - that's usually put up in Malmö! It is the Malmö Opera doing this as well, but it's so cool they will do two shows here! :) I booked myself a ticket for November 27 yesterday and I'm totally looking forward to it. I was sad I never got to see Jekyll & Hyde when it ran in Stockholm, so seeing it now will be great, especially with Christer!! (He sang one of the songs, I think it was "Dangerous Game", on a Musical Highlights concert I saw a few years ago, and I was really impressed!!)

Finishing off with some photos from last Saturday - of two big girls and a great looking brand new car! :)

(Also thinking a bit about changing the layout of this blog a little bit, it's basically looked the same since 2006!! Not quite sure yet though - and it won't be that big of a change if I decide to do it!)


The Darkest Night said...

Very cute photos! (and the car looks great too!)

That's really cool that you'll get to see Jekyll & Hyde! It's a really cool musical!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I'm totally thrilled about Jekyll & Hyde! I have wanted to see it for quite some time, so I was really happy to hear I had a chance to! Amazing that it's in my own hometown too - AND with Christer Nerfont, who's a real favourite!
It couldn't get any better! :D

The Darkest Night said...

that does sound perfect!! We pretty much never get any musicals here, which is quite strange..but I guess people go to Gothenburg for musicals...(and they only have like one every year)...

I hope you'll enjoy Jekyll & Hyde!

Jessica said...

We never get musicals here either - like you have Gothenburg, we have Malmö ... so I was REALLY surprised! Not really sure what the deal is, because it is a Malmö Opera Production, and they just happen to do two shows here ... *weird* But I'm not complaining! LOL!