Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Secret Garden!

While I have never seen the musical "The Secret Garden" I have two different recordings of it, and I enjoy it a lot! And now it seems I've almost found my own secret garden - which actually happens to be the cemetery!!
I live next to quite a large cemetery, but I've never really gone in there, apart from taking a short cut through it when I've been late for the bus (*oops!*) ... but I've had a feeling it is quite beautiful.

Well, yesterday and today I decided to take my camera and go for a walk. Things haven't really been going great here lately, and photowalks are a great therapy - at least they work well for me! :) And I really did find a hidden treasure!
The cemetery is almost completely asymmetrical, which I really like! Different parts of it look different, it's not uniformed at all, and it's just beautiful! I have found my favourite corner, which is truly a secret garden. Not that few really large trees, making the sun only shine through the leaves a little, lots of great, high hedges, and small paths and passageways going here and there ... it's just amazing!!

I walked there yesterday around lunch time, and today fairly early in the morning. We had a lot of mist this morning, but just as I got out it started to clear up and the sun came out - the lighting in these huge fur trees and over open newly mowed lawns was stunning!!
I took a number of photos and even though I'm quite happy with most of them, I still can't help feeling they didn't do the scenery justice!
I will definitely enjoy more walks there in the future!

Some photos from yesterday:

And from this morning:


The Darkest Night said...

Beautiful photos! Love them! Does look like you found a magical place!

Jessica said...

Glad to hear that, and thanks! :)
Yeah, I think I have. I just think that I shouldn't walk around there too often, or the magic will go away - so I'm trying to restrain myself! :)