Sunday, 1 May 2011

Long Time No See!

Not quite sure why there hasn't been any blogging lately - I guess I'll have to try to make sure May will be a better blog-month! :)

Last week was pretty tough for me, when basically everything went wrong. I've been feeling allergies a lot this week, and I've been very tired and had difficulty breathing at times - and I also went through a more or less chronic headache which started on Monday and ended last night ...

Two things actually made this week okay ... on Thursday afternoon I had a meeting at the University that went really well. I had my doubts about a lot of things regarding this meeting, but in the end I think it went exceptionally well, and I'm happy about that.

And of course, on Friday night I went to see Sara and Johanna, which was AGES ago!! We've actually tried to get together since January but it's been impossible to find a date that worked for all three of us. I didn't feel really well during the day (which included lectures and a mentor meeting - and a mentor tutorial which was at the same time as the mentor meeting - quite confusing!) - and I almost didn't make it to Sara as the bus I was on got stuck in traffic! But once I got there, I just had a blast!
It's amazing how it doesn't matter how long it's been since we've seen each other - we just hit it off right away, no matter what!! It's fantastic! Sara and I saw each other last summer, and we were all on Sofiero (with Martin and Per) in June, but the three of us met last January/February, after my birthday ... last year!! *yikes*
I also can't help but be amazed since Sara and Johanna were the first people I actually really started talking to and spend time when I came back to University studies - it's really cool that we've stayed such good friends!
We've had a lovely time with lots of yummy food - and even more laughing! *LOL* I had my mind set on not staying too long since I hadn't been feeling well ... but when I came home it was almost 1 a.m. - yikes! :)

Now I'm hoping for a better week ahead - it's filled with challenges for me personally which always tends to make me nervous, but there are a lot of good things involved as well, so I'm hoping it will turn out okay.
Tomorrow I'm attending a seminar where an essay (for a Bachelor of Theology Degree, I think...) is presented. While I'm not in this seminary group, the essay is in Old Testament Studies, on Ruth, and I think it's okay for me to attend! :)

Right after the seminar, there's a "regular" lecture in the OT course, this time on Isa. 40 - and I can't stress enough how interesting and rewarding these lectures are, I am always looking forward to them.

After that I'll spend a couple of hours working on my own essay (!), then I have to do some shopping and when I get home, hopefully, I'll have at least some energy left so I can keep up with my own work! :)

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