Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Contrasts of Life!

This week has been quite intense!
I did have my sort of "revelation-thing" on Tuesday night, so Tuesday was a pretty good day, although very intense as I was trying to put into practice these new thoughts and ideas I had.
Wednesday was a not-so-great day, for some reason! I think that maybe I expected to much to work out perfectly, and when they didn't, I got a bit disappointed! I had to finish a paper for my master's thesis, and I felt I did a horrible job on it. Well, maybe not horrible, but it certainly wasn't something I was happy with. I had an appointment with my professor the next day, so I had to get the paper done, but I have to admit, I have never handed in something I was that displeased with before!

Thursday was probably the most intense day of the week. I had the meeting with the professor at 4 p.m. and I was very nervous and upset about it. I ended up taking it easy during the morning and went to Uni about noon, spending the early afternoon trying to go through what I should have put in my paper - but didn't.
Amazingly enough, the meeting went REALLY well!! For some reason (don't ask me why!!) I didn't get any criticism on my paper, which I could hardly believe!! Granted, I don't think there were any, like, factual mistakes in it, but I still don't think it was long enough, detailed enough or even exactly what the professor asked for. Still, it's always nice not to be criticised, right?! :)
In general the meeting went very well, even though we had lot of things to discuss. My current study plan, the master's thesis, the fact that my life in January/February will be a huge big mess ... and more. I have to say I get along great with the professor, which helps a lot! We communicate on the same level and he has the ability to inspire me like nobody else. Not quite sure where that's coming from, but it's always been the case!
I came from the meeting feeling great, but very tired, understandably I suppose!

I still managed to get to Uni early, the idea now is to take a break on my master's thesis and complete part of this other course I now found out I have to take, so I got the first book for that course. I ran into the associate professor in New Testament Studies (he has the Greek/NT courses, and I spent a lot of free time on his lectures last semester), and it was great to see him again. He doesn't have any lectures this semester so I wasn't expecting to see him, and we had a nice little chat!
I got some reading done - on Social Psychology ... quite different from Exodus and redaction criticism!! - before heading home. Unfortunately the afternoon didn't turn out well at all, so even though the week overall had been really good, it didn't end great!

This week has certainly had its ups and downs, and been quite intense - yesterday was intense too (mostly in a good way!!!), but that will be dealt with in a separate entry! - so I guess it's not that strange I am quite tired now!
I hope to spend most of today cleaning - my head feels like it's screwed on backwards, so I think studying is completely out! But you don't have to think that much in order to clean, right?! :)

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