Thursday, 16 September 2010

Making A Come-Back!

The beginning of this week was kind of tough on me, for various reasons - and now I've had a couple of days where I've done a lot of thinking! I don't want to go into detail here, but even though not much has gotten done these last few days, I think the thinking-time has done me good and will hopefully make me cope with things in a better way in the future.

I realize this is all very vague, but things have been a bit *strange* (for lack of a better expression) the last few weeks, and I don't honestly think I could explain everything in a way that made sense, even though I wanted to! So for now, you're gonna have to settle for vague! :)

I am hoping to make both a practical and an emotional come-back now, and will hopefully be fairly efficient from now on. It would be good if I felt I got a few things done during the end of this week, because next week will be a bit more intense.

I have a deadline on my thesis paper on Wednesday when I have to email it to my professor, and we have a meeting on Thursday afternoon to discuss it. Also on Tuesday we have an information meeting where I live, regarding the complete bathroom renovation that will take place in my building early next year (found out that if they follow the plan we have gotten, the will be in my apartment at the worse possible time for me ... but I guess there's nothing I can do about that). I'm reluctantly looking forward to the meeting, I'm very keen to find out what's going on, what will be done and how and exactly when, what they expect from us tenants etc. but at the same time I have a strong feeling I will find out that things are going to be even worse than I expect them to be - also these meetings tend to be rather intense, as there are always people protesting and causing trouble ...

I'm also waiting for a reply from the professor responsible for the course that it eventually turned out I now have to take - it only takes to emails to verify this, and I've been shipped around for 6 months?!?!? *deep sigh!!*) - as I'm uncertain as to when I will be able to get the exam for that course ... and I also have to hand in some assignments that I missed earlier. So it will definitely be intense trying to balance both the master's thesis and that course - and on top of that I have to start thinking about applying for post-graduate studies (application is in February) and apparently you have to include a preliminary project description, detailing your initial thoughts on your dissertation ... *yikes!!!* I'm having problems sorting my way through my master's thesis, now I'm gonna have to start thinking dissertation! *very scary!*

Anyway, I'm hopefully I will be able to cope with things in a better way from now on, which I'm hoping will make my life a little easier now! :)

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