Sunday, 5 September 2010


I've had a pretty good weekend, which feels good considering I have a pretty tough day tomorrow.

I've gotten quite a bit done, cleaned up a fair bit yesterday and today I've spent a lot of time on my computer.
Some of you may remember that my computer broke down last fall, it was a huge great big mess, which ended up with me having to send my computer across half the country for a repair. It turned out they had to replace the entire hard drive, and too late I discovered that they'd given me a much smaller hard drive than I had to begin with! *very annoying*
I've been having a problem since I do a bit of photography and my hard drive ended up being full all the time. I finally managed to get a - cheap! *lol* - external hard drive, and I connected it today! It seems to work like a charm, so now I have basically everything on the external hard drive, and I access it from there (the external hard drive has 1TB of memory so I'm guessing I won't run out in a hurry *lol*!)!!

I've also been sorting through all my documents (already have all my photos completely organized! *yay*) and also downloaded quite a few digital scrapbook kits for future projects ...

Now I mostly have to prepare for tomorrow ... *gulp* I'm meeting with someone at Uni which will basically determine whether or not I can take the course I REALLY want to take, or if I have to take the course I really DON'T want to take! *nervous*
It feels really good to know that my professor feels exactly like me, it gives me a bit more security, but I'm still very nervous.
Also, no matter the outcome of the meeting, I will have a lot of practical matters to sort out, both with the student counsellor and with a number of professors, depending on what will be decided. I also need to get truly started with my master's thesis tomorrow, but I think that will be a bit easier when I actually KNOW what will happen with this mess (that has been going on since the end of February!!!)!!


The Darkest Night said...

glad you had a good weekend!

I hope everything will work out with the uni!


Jessica said...

Thanks ... things not great right now - guess all I can do is hope it gets better ...