Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bit of Bad News ...

Can't say this weekend has been really great, unfortunately ...
Basically a bad incident on Friday spoiled most of it - and even though I know I shouldn't let things affect me too much, but sometimes I do find it difficult.

I was working on my laptop, sipping a drink (yup, I know, no eating or drinking near a computer ... *sigh*). The construction work was going on but since I've had my own lock installed again, I felt quite relaxed despite a lot of drilling and hammering ... until they dropped something HUGE outside my apartment! Don't ask me what it was but it sounded gigantic. I leaped in the air of course, knocking over my drink ... which poured all over my laptop! NOT GOOD!

I've been doing what I can to try to get it to dry, but so far no luck! The computer works, in itself - but none of the keys work ... making it impossible to work with it or even log in. I have been told to be patient, so I guess I should give it a few more days before giving up - but it's more than frustrated.
I did managed to bring life back into my old computer - and get it hooked up to the internet ... which took most of Saturday (*sigh*) - but it's slower than slow and nothing I can cope with other than as an emergency solution for a short time.

I guess I'll make up my mind about my laptop toward the middle of the week - but I'm already trying to check out the market for a new one, as I might simply have to buy a new computer. Not exactly something I was counting on, but not much to do about either - I need a working computer ...

Other than that, not much has been going on this weekend. I managed to get a whole lot of laundry done this afternoon, which felt quite good as I was running out of clothes to wear! :)

Next week will be pretty heavy for me, at least the first half of it, and I'm a bit nervous about it since the weekend hasn't provided a lot of calm reflection - so to speak. I guess I'll just have to work at it and hope for the best.

Tomorrow I will actually attend both New Testament and Old Testament lectures! :)
Tomorrow morning three lecturers applying for a job at the Department will each give a "trial-lecture", and I know one of them - he taught New Testament Greek when I took it in 2008 - and last spring I kind of sat in on his lectures on that course again, to freshen up my Greek skills! :) I went to similar lectures in Sociology of Religion in January and it's quite interesting!
Then there's the usual OT/Hebrew lesson in the afternoon, and I really enjoy those lectures as they are now covering stuff I'm not 100% sure of myself, so I'm learning a lot by attending them.

I have a big challenge to face on Tuesday, but I will try not to get to far ahead of myself - but I'm hoping for some time to deal with that tomorrow afternoon, I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of thinking in order for that to work out well.

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