Thursday, 24 March 2011

Roller Coaster

This week has truly felt like a roller coaster, going up and down the whole time - so I guess it's not so strange I'm feeling completely exhausted right now.

Monday was a pretty good day - I went to Uni early and went to visit the book store when they opened, with my job application. I talked to the boss, who was really nice and friendly. However, they will not require any new personnel until early summer or so, at the moment there are a lot of renovations going on and they are moving temporarily out to barracks ... Still, I would really really LOVE to work there ... At least I've handed in my application now, I also have to hand in my references when I get them together (that's been a bit complicated ...), and then I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed!

Back at Uni I ended up talking to my mentor supervisor, I had only a few questions but it turned into quite a discussion, which in the end was a really good thing.
I met Elisabet and we prepared for the mentor meeting which took place at 11.30. While there aren't a great number of students, I think the meetings work out fairly well now. We got some good discussions going and I learned a lot from the meeting too.
After the meeting it was time for the last lecture on the first course ... Time sure has flown by quickly, half the semester has gone - amazing! It was an interesting lecture with lots of questions, but I was quite tired and went home almost as soon as the lecture was over.

Tuesday was a really horrible day - for various reasons! It's not something I want to go into, but I felt really awful all day ...

Yesterday I was able to take it easy during the morning, and went into Uni around 10. I met some friends there and at 12, me and Elisabet had lunch with the teacher teaching the second half of the OT-course. We had a great lunch with interesting conversation, it was exciting to be able to discuss the course, the best way to schedule lectures etc. After all, it's what I want to do on my own some day! :) I talked to Elisabet a while afterwards, before heading home.
I got a text message saying my new computer had arrived and in the afternoon I went to pick it up. Unfortunately when I got to the bus stop this kind of creepy guy came up and kept talking to me ... Apparently he'd lived in my neighbourhood before and "recognized me" ... eh? It just gave me a really creepy feeling so it felt good when I got home.

I started unpacking the new computer and it does take a while to get it started and up to speed on everything, but so far, I'm VERY happy with it. I'm usually not a person who tend to "name things" but my new computer has been given the name Sammy (it's a Samsung) ...:) I also realized that my new little camera is a Samsung, so I guess it will be Sammy Jr.! LOL!

I stayed home today as I had some issues to sort out with my landlord ... it ended up being a bit more complicated than I had thought, but I think it worked out in the end. I have also spent some time with Sammy, installing programmes and configuring him to my liking! :)
I am however, completely exhausted tonight, I guess it's because this week has been filled with ups and downs ... I'm hoping for an effective day tomorrow, though I can't give any guarantees - I tend to sleep really really poorly now, and that always makes it tough to be really efficient ...

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