Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ups And Downs

A day of mixed feelings, I think.

This morning I went to Malmö, to visit a friend of mine. We haven't seen each other since last summer, and it was wonderful meeting her, and her two young boys, again. I had never met the youngest boy, who is only about a month old (cute!!!) and it's been a long time since I saw the oldest boy too - so it was great meeting them again.

I had to be in Lund for a lecture at one, so the visit was cut a bit short - hopefully we'll be able to see each other soon again. I got to the railway station, only to find they had a problem with an electrical cable ... a biiiig problem.
Apparently no trains could go through Malmö Central station, and while I guess I can understand that these things happen on occasion, the information we were given were next to non-existent!
Basically they said that there was going to be a great amount of train delays .... they also said they would replace the trains with buses - but not a word about where these buses would depart from, or when!! I went around the entire Central station (which was rebuilt about three months ago) and I finally found the place where the buses would depart from - but it took almost an hour before any buses headed toward Lund arrived.
I finally got on one, and got to Lund, but arrived at the Department too late!! I knew I had missed the first part of the lecture, but had hoped to join the group during the break. No such luck as even the second half of the lecture had begun when I got there... very annoying!!

I spent some time at Uni and I got to talk to some friends while I was there, which in part made up for the whole train-mishap. I was about to go home at 4 p.m. - but since trains were having problems in Malmö, the same thing applied in Lund. I did get on a train, which was SOOO crowded - and late - and managed to get home ....

I haven't had much energy to do anything tonight, meaning I have quite a few challenges to face up to tomorrow and on Friday!
Which means, I really should try to get some sleep now ...

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