Monday, 28 March 2011

Headache ...:(

Today didn't exactly go according to plan.
I had a full day at Uni planned, including some work on my master's thesis, working on a project I'm doing and attending the first Old Testament lecture on the second half of the course.

It started out fine, though I arrived a little later to Uni than I had planned. But I got in about an hour's work before the lecture started at 10, and it was a nice introduction to this course, I hope to be able to attend as many lectures as possible during this course.
Unfortunately I started getting a headache during the lecture and it quickly got worse, worse and worse - and I realized I had to get home. Unfortunately I had just missed a train, so I didn't get home until 2 p.m. - managed to get something to eat and some painkillers and basically collapsed on the couch!!

The headache got better, but hasn't disappeared completely yet! :( I managed to get a couple of hours of studying done, but it didn't feel great since I was in constant pain the entire time! I'm hoping for an early night, NO headache tomorrow and a better day tomorrow!!


Jexxie said...

hej jag har en fråga. jag kan inte göra ny rad på mina inlägg längre. i vanliga fall trycker man ju bara på ny rad så skriver man, men nu går det inte äns med kod. har provat skriva
osv. istället för att den skriver


så blir det: jessica andreas. vet du hur man löser det?

massa kramar

Jexxie said...

skriva< br >

Jessica said...

Där kan jag tyvärr inte hjälpa till - jag har inte själv märkt av det problemet ....

The Darkest Night said...

aw..headaches are no fun- they can totally ruin your day! I hope you are feeling better now! hugs!