Monday, 23 May 2011

Moving On!

Okay, new week ... but I have a feeling the intensity won't let up that much! :)

Today was a fairly "slow" day though. I did get up early, but I had a LOT of personal writing to go through. I try to change the way in which I write now, as I feel it would be beneficial to not go into so much detail, but it still took a long time to go through the end of last week.

I ended up having to cut my writing session in short, and I went to Lund and Uni around lunch time. Once I got to the Department, I started reading interpretation-texts, as the OT course are having seminars on their written interpretations this week.
I got through tomorrow's interpretation-texts and I also printed the B.A. essay I was supposed to read, before going home.

Unfortunately I've been REALLY tired this afternoon, so I haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped today, but I guess that's not very strange considering last week was quite intense ....

I do need to "speed up", however, if I am to cope with the week to come.
Tomorrow I'm attending an OT B.A. Essay seminar, a student who took the OT course last year is presenting his B.A. Essay on Gideon and the Book of Judges, and I'd love to attend! After that, the OT course have their interpretation seminars, two interpretations between 10 and 12 and two between 1 and 3 - and the same thing applies for Wednesday and Thursday - and I'd really like to be at least a bit prepared for the seminars ... so yes, this week will be busy.
I also need to start hunting for Exodus commentaries - found a bunch of them on, so I really need to get started on my own work as well this week! :)

I apologize for the very short entry (some contrast to the last one, right? *lol*), but I'm SO tired now ... I'll try to get some sleep now, and get an early morning tomorrow instead!

Take care!

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