Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tired ... But Happy!

I've been really tired all day today, but I guess that's not very strange. I did get a bit more sleep than the previous night, but only about 3 hours and that's not nearly enough ... Also the heat, along with allergies, tend to really make me tired these days!

I went to Uni early this morning, I was there at 8, and ended up spending an hour talking to my mentor supervisor!! We had a really good chat, about different things, and it felt good to have discussed certain things I've been thinking about for a few days now!

Lectures at 10, this time starting with Psalms (apart from the guest lecture last Friday, which was also on Psalms). I think I managed to miss all the Psalm-lectures last year, so I enjoyed myself a lot this time! :)
After lectures I had a little chat with the teacher and I always enjoy discussing our subject, the possibility of adding new and exciting courses, what will happen in the new education system etc.! :)

I got a little bit of studying done at the Department before heading home, and once I got home I was almost overcome with exhaustion! I managed to pick myself up during the afternoon and at least I haven't waisted the entire day ...

I'm still very very happy about the Honorary Diploma ... even though it's taken me a while to really "get it". First of all, I never knew there was such a thing, until yesterday! :) And second, I've never really thought of SI and the mentor-thing in a larger perspective. I mean, I know it goes on at other Departments and Faculties at the University, but I've just been living in my little Hebrew bubble, enjoying going to lectures, having mentor meetings, talking to students and teachers and just "getting into" my subject ... so this came as quite a surprise! :)
I've been thinking quite a bit about this whole ceremony that's involved with me getting the Diploma ... At first, I felt there was no WAY I could do it, never ever - but at the same time, I know I have to start facing up to challenges more than I have before, and this would be the perfect opportunity! I've been working on it a lot during the day, and it helped a lot that I was able to talk to my SI supervisor! She did some checking too, so now I mostly know what will happen on Tuesday, and I really feel I have to at least have some idea of what will happen and what is expected of me, if I'm going to cope with it.
But I have basically made up my mind to go now, so unless something completely unforeseen happens between now and next Tuesday I will go through with it! *gulp*

It's getting late, so I'm off to bed soon, looks like I won't get that much sleep tonight either! *sigh* Ah well ...

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