Monday, 9 May 2011

What An Honor!

Today has been a VERY strange day, and I'm basically exhausted now, so I hope you'll forgive this somewhat short entry ...

I didn't sleep a bit last night, I might have dozed off half an hour or so, but it was just impossible. At times I get stuck in my own mind, with Zorro, and it's basically impossible for me to get out of it...
The morning was a bit slower than I had planned, but at least I managed to get to Uni for lectures at 10 - interesting as usual! :)

After lectures I had "lunch" with Elisabet and we tried to make some plans for next mentor meeting - which will be the last one this semester *sob* Suddenly our mentor tutor came and asked me if I'd checked my email ... I was completely out-of-it and didn't understand what she meant.
It took me a while - and several readings of my emails - to grasp what was going on.
Apparently there is a yearly SI (mentor, Supplemental Instruction) ceremony with some lectures, the handing out of diplomas to mentors having quit etc. - I had gotten an email about it some time ago but figured I wouldn't go so I had basically forgotten about it.
Now it turns out that out of about 150 mentors at Lunds University, two are picked for "extraordinary achievements within SI" and they will also be awarded a diploma at this ceremony ... and I had not only been nominated, but also picked!!
*almost fainting now*

This just threw me off completely, it was totally unexpected and I still can't quite grasp it!! I mean, I really enjoy being a mentor, I enjoy both the mentor meetings and the lectures and the students - but I had never thought that it would go beyond that!!! I'm quite happy just poking around the Hebrew verb forms and that's it - but this ... quite amazing!! :)

I'm still not sure how I will actually be able to go to this ceremony and accept the award ... considering my background and my problems that still pop up ... but I guess I'll have to make one Hell of an effort to make a go of it, right?! :)

I have quite a bit to do before I can go to bed, and considering I basically haven't slept for 48 hours, I'd better get on with it. But I think I will return to this in future blog entries! :)

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