Friday, 13 April 2007

Good Or Bad?

Well, I had to re-take the exam I failed a few weeks ago today ... not funny! As you might have noticed, I am not feeling well at all at the moment, I have been stressing like crazy over this exam, stressing to the point where I actually didn't get any studying done, which of course only led to more stress ... I am definately not logical sometimes!!

Anyway, from the way I feel after the exam, it might - just might!! - have worked out ... I can't help feeling I did better this time than the last, but since I'm so stressed out, and things are the way they are at the moment, I have a feeling it could also be just the oposite ... Our teacher is usually super-quick to grade our exams, so right now I'm kind of wishing it wasn't Friday today, because now I have to wait the entire weekend before finding out how I did (otherwise we've gotten the exams the following day) .... Guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed, right ... *nervous*

I apologize for this short entry, this has been a really long day (I also had lectures after the exam *sigh*) and I have a pretty bad headache! I have tried more or less everything, but I would like to make a post in my Swedish blog as well tonight, so I'm gonna have to cut this one a bit short ....
Guess I'll go and take a whole bunch of more headache pills now, and hope I'll be able to get through a post at the other blog before I pass out! :)

Take care, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sorry folks, now entry in the Swedish blog tonight ...:( Headache overwhelming, so I'm going to bed instead! Will try to write an entry first thing tomorrow morning instead. Take care!

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