Monday, 16 April 2007

Should Be Happy But ...

I know I should be happy tonight, because several things have actually worked out for me today ... and yet somehow I can't seem to get the energy to feel anything except worn out ...
It's been a very intense day today, so I guess it's not that strange if I'm feeling tired, but it's hard not be able to enjoy things that you deep down inside know are good!

I got the result back on the exam I had to re-take, and I passed this time! I know this is GREAT news, really, because there would have been heeps of trouble if I'd failed, and still, all I can do at the moment is look at the result, and I was very close to failing ... And since the course we're taking now is based on the previous course, I still feel that if I haven't learned what I'm supposed to from the previous course, I'm gonna run into problems with this one as well ... *sigh*

One thing, I don't really have the energy to explain it here, but there's one thing that really worries me about this course, and I have a hard time letting that go ... oh, I really should be writing here at all when I'm in this mood ... Guess we can try to blame it all on the fact that I'm exhausted and hope I feel better in the morning! :)
Good plan, right?! :)

Take care, guys!

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