Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Up-Side-Down -- Inside-Out!

The title pretty much reflects my life at the moment ...
Although I realize I sound totally boring and generally depressing I have to say that my life at the moment is a pretty big mess. Things have not at all turned out the way I had hoped this semester, which leaves me with a whole bunch of problems and no energy at all to try and deal with them. Which means I keep putting them off ... which means ... they get worse and worse ...

I know I sound vague, but trust me - you would not want to hear it all in detail!! If nothing else, it'd probably take me a week or so to write it all down ... so that's really not an option!

The most acute thing at the moment is the exam that I failed and will have to take again - on Friday!!! I feel completely unprepared and I have a terrible feeling that I will fail this exam as well. And that will without a doubt lead to a whole lot of trouble, because the course I am actually taking right now depends on the previous course ... which means, that unless I get a passing grade on the last course, I won't be able to complete this one ... terrific ... not!!
I know there's nothing I can do about it now, except study and do my best - and if Friday isn't a success, I have to deal with it then ... but it is VERY hard not to keep thinking about it ...

I am trying to keep my forums alive, but I can't help getting the feeling that I'm doing it in vain. Sure, some times there are a member online, writing a post or two, but I can't say that they are really "working out" (most of the time I kinda feel like I'm talking to myself ...) ... anway, I won't delete them, at least not yet ... (if you're interested, there are links to all three of them a few posts down)

I have however started up a new blog today, which will be in Swedish. Sorry for all you guys who won't be able to read it, but due to the nature of the blog, it will have to be in Swedish. For those you who can read Swedish, you can check it out here:

Take care!

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