Sunday, 16 August 2009

Be Careful As You Go ...

... 'Cause Little People Grow!

This entry is of course dedicated to my younger sisters, M and I!

It's been great seeing them this summer, although sometimes I notice I'm not quite used to living in a family with two small children! :) There's definitely a lot you don't necessarily think about involved when you have children around you!
Anyhow, they are both great kids and wonderful to be around!

M had an accident about 10 days before I arrived in the summerhouse. She was at the store with her younger sister and our Dad, and Dad accidently tripped her as she was running, she took a really bad fall and broke her arm!!
She had a great big cast on - from her shoulder down to the fingers! - and her arm in a sling most of the summer. I felt really bad for her, it must have been very tough. Then again, we had a hard time keeping her from running around and playing like she's used to!! Apparently, the fracture was in a really awkward place, so it took a long time to heal, and we were all afraid she'd take another fall and make it even worse.
But she managed to keep on her feet, and was able to remove the cast entirely in late July. Naturally she had to be careful at first, but now things are back to normal for her again - a great relief to everyone, I think! :)

M turned five this summer, we celebrated her birthday together - she's really growing up fast!! I'm not absolutely sure, but I think it's possible to let Swedish children start school at the age of 6 now - and just the thought of her starting school in a year ... hard to believe!!!!!

I is absolutely adorable now!! She's 2½ and the most charming girl!! Her speech has developed a lot lately, and apparently she blew the doctor away on her 2½-year-old-check-up! *lol* The doctor wanted her to say a sentence that was 4 words or longer ... and I replied with something like (my own, loose translation):
"I have an owie on my foot, because I got a wound there when we were on vacation in Riga and I walked with my sneakers without my socks on for a long time." Four words, huh?! :)

She's really cuddly, she loves to crawl up next to you, or rather, sit in your lap and just hug and kiss and hug. M has never been like that, she enjoys playing, you have to take an active part in her games and show that your interested (which sometimes puts demands on me that I'm not quite up to!!), but I likes a good cuddle more than playing games!


The Darkest Night said...

Aw...adorable photos!! As usual - they have grown a lot since last time! I love the playground-photos! Nice to see you in a couple of pics too! :-) I can seem some family ressemblance :-)

The Darkest Night said...

Oh, that moose looks familiar...did you take photos of the girls on it last year too?

Jessica said...

Thanks! ;)
They have grown, haven't they?! :)

You're right about the moose, it's at the Håverud Aqueduct, we were there last year too! :) The girls love riding and petting him ... and he IS cute, isn't he?! :D

The Darkest Night said...

Totally! LOL

Yeah, it's really cute!