Thursday, 27 August 2009

*Taking A Break!*

I know I haven't written here in quite a while, and this entry will only be an announcement that I probably won't either, at least not in a while.
For some reason, things are really NOT working out right now, and I find myself in more and more trouble everyday... Therefore I'll be taking a break on pretty much every online activity I'm involved in, in an attempt to sort out my IRL stuff. Not sure that I'll succeed, but ... points for effort?! :)

The critical period will be the rest of this week, and, more importantly, the entire next week, when a lot of stuff is supposed to happen and I'm not sure if they will turn out good, okay or downright disastrous ...
I'm hoping to return here in about 10 days time and try to make things work from where I am then ... but for now, I hope you are all doing well! *thinking of you*

Take care!


Dakota said...

Take care!!
Good luck with everything!
*thinking of you*

Jessica said...

Thanks Dakota! :)