Monday, 17 August 2009

Now What?

Well, now I've completed all the entries from this summer ... I think! :) Should you feel anything is missing, feel free to let me know! (There will probably be a "photo entry" some time in the future, when I get my energy together enough to start working on my summer photos.)

So where am I now?! Well, I've been home for about a week - a pretty strange week at that! Things are rather confusing at the moment, and I think that trying to explain why and how will only make them more confusing. I'm trying to do a million things at once, both on practical and emotional levels, and that is rather difficult to handle. I'm hoping I will be able to get more and more organized and also be able to finish some projects I've started - so things won't be quite so confusing ...

At the moment I am - among other things - trying to reorganize my bedroom, thereby also rearranging 5 different bookshelves, 4 closets and my storeroom in the basement. I have TONS of things to sell, so should you be interested and/or know somebody else who is - PLEEEEASE let me know! Stuff for sale include James Bond, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... and probably a lot more! :)

Oh, by the way ...
I know there aren't that many comments on this blog, but this time I have a question for my blog readers. If I take the time to make one or two proper photo entries (might also be with older photos, as I'm trying to organize ALL my digital photos from 2004 and forward!), would you like comments for each photo? I know I haven't done that so much, mainly because it takes a lot longer to make the entries that way ... (see for instance the last entry on my sisters, where I've added all photos together at the end of the post).
But if you think the entry will be more exciting and interesting to read if I add some comment or little story to the pictures, I'll definitely take the time to do that.
Please let me know what you think - leave a comment here, or email me ... Thanks in advance!

Well, at this point I'd better get back to my confusing life, trying to juggle reorganizing, cleaning, cooking, studying and working out a number of other things - all at the same time! :)

Take care!


The Darkest Night said...

Personally, I love comments with the photos! I think it makes it more fun and interesting. But I do of course realize it takes more time, so i would totally understand if you "only" posted the photos.

Lill said...

I think that you can do exactly as you have done on the entry about your sisters. If there are something special that has occurred concerning them, then you leave a comment on that together with the picture, otherwise you can just show all the pictures in a row. If you should leave a comment on every picture you have to be concerned about the language, so that it doesn't become just an enumeration.

Jessica said...

Thank you both for your comments!
I think I have figured out how to deal with photo entries now! :) (though more comments are always appreciated!)

I'll probably write more comments than I have done before (I felt a bit guilty over the sisters-entry, with pretty much ALL the pictures just listed at the end ...), but if several pictures concern the same thing, I will just leave one comment. If for instance I've taken a lot of nature photos in the same place, I'll just write when and where they were taken, once, and then add all the photos underneath. But on the other hand, if the photos reflect different times and places and experiences, I'll probably comment a little on each.

Hope that's something that will work out smoothly for me as well as you! :)

The Darkest Night said...

That sounds like a good plan!! :-)