Sunday, 16 August 2009

West Coast Trip!

As usual, me and my Mum went on our annual West Coast trip this summer as well.
We really enjoy Fjällbacka, so that's where we've been going for the past few years - the fact that Camilla Läckberg (well-known Swedish crime-author) is from Fjällbacka and all her books are set there! :)

This year we got started a bit late, so we didn't arrive until after lunch. We quickly learned to not plan like that again, as the first major problem was finding a parking spot. There are tons of people there during the summer, and we've found parking close to the water but still easily accessible from the main road - but this year it seemed impossible to get a spot. Also, it feels like you're constantly making the wrong decision; if you decide to stand still and hope for a car nearby to eventually leave, lots of cars in the other end of the parking lot leave. But if you start cruising around, you never find the time to get a spot before somebody else gets it.
We DID find a spot eventually, but it took quite a while.

At this point we were both very hungry, so we immediately headed for lunch. We've found a great restaurant before, we decent prices - but this year it was quite a disappointment. Granted, we were late, but they hardly had any dishes left!!! I felt rather strongly about that, because for a place that depend so much on tourism, they really should make sure they have enough food in the restaurants!!

Anyway, we still enjoyed our time in Fjällbacka, the Swedish West Coast is really, really beautiful and it's wonderful just to walk around, looking at everything, not having any distinct plans!

As usual, we ended the visit in the wonderful Fish Shop! *lol* I went to get the car, while my Mum got lots and lots of yummy fish and seafood - and then we headed home for a fantastic meal! :D

Despite a few things not being really great, I truly enjoyed the day, and I think my Mum did too! :)

Photos - enjoy! :)


The Darkest Night said...

I love the photos!! It sure is a lovely place!
I was there (just for a day) with my brother last year, and had some plans to return this summer but sadly that never happened (I have some mixed feelings about going back actually...but I do think it's a very special place)

Jessica said...

Happy to hear that! The entire West Coast is lovely, I think, but for some reason we've gotten really attached to Fjällbacka! :)

The Darkest Night said...

yes, I think Fjällbacka is a really special place... I hope I will get the chance to visit it next summer