Friday, 2 February 2007

A Strange Mix!

I am living in a rather strange mix at the moment. For the most part, I live in Hebrew grammar ... which is about as exciting as it sounds! Rolling Eyes
It's not really difficult per se, it is rather logical and all that, but it is a lot! Where in Sweden we have one form of a word, Hebrew has ten!! It takes a lot of time to go through everything, and since this semester hasn't started out in a great way - I feel hopelessly behind! I really hope I can get a lot done during the weekend and feel better when next week starts!

The other part of the mix is Bond, James Bond! Brows
So far, I'm not having much success with my project, but I will give it time. I don't mind so much if the Blog isn't very "active", since I will only update once in a while (and since I haven't even written a proper post yet *ooops*), but I'd REALLY like to get the Forum going! For now I'm in there all alone, trying desperately to come up with exciting and fun topics! Any help - ANY HELP - is widely appreciated! :)
Also, since word-of-mouth (whatever that is translated to online-talk!) is a great way to attract visitors and members, should you have friends or people around you who are into James Bond, let them know about my Forum, won't you?! ;)

I'm going to bed soon, I need an early Hebrew-morning tomorrow!
Good night!

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Fellow theology student in Finland said...

good luck with that can be really tough at times, but then when you get the hang of it it's a really logical language....and definitely easier than ancient greek :)

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks for the encouragement! :D :D I have heard that Hebrew is supposed to be a bit easier than ancient greek (though I plan to take that too some day!) ... I guess it really IS logical, it's just A LOT to learn at the moment!

Have you studied long?!

Fellow theology student in Finland said...

No problem...we all need encouragement so that we can keep on going even with the diffucult things :)
I'm a second year student and loving every second of it (well almost every second :))

Jessica said...

You're absolutely right ... we do need to hear that not everything is hopeless in order to carry on with things! :)