Thursday, 1 February 2007

Generally Chaos!

My life seems to be just generally very chaotic at the moment, and for once I'm not going to be completely boring by telling you every little detail!
Instead, I will show some pictures, and make it a short entry tonight! I've been keeping busy with studies today and tonight I've finally started my latest internet project! You can read more about that - and find the relevant links - in my previous entry ... just scroll down the page and you'll find it!

Moving on to my pictures. First a cute picture of Zorro!! Where he is just about to fall asleep next to my Bible! *lol* I wonder if he's trying to tell me anything ... :) :) Anyway, he's just wonderful, especially at times like these, when I don't feel great! It's absolutely fantastic to know that there is someone there who doesn't care what you do or think or feel, he just loves me unconditionally ... and that is a true comfort when times are tough!

And now ... my cutie Eyeore!! I got him from a dear friend of mine for my birthday and I just adore him!! He's even gotten a special place - for now he doesn't live with my other stuffed animls on my bed!! :) Even Zorro gets along great with him!! :)

And last ... my beloved James Bond DVD box!! *yay* I collected it this afternoon, and was completely terrified that I'd drop the huge package on the bus and damage it! Luckily both me and the DVD box (or Attache Case, which is IS!!) made it home safe and sound! I haven't managed to check out a lot of it yet, but I have started watching Dr. No - I NEED dvd caps *lol* - and I have to say that both the picture quality and the sound are WAY better than what I've seen and heard before! *me very, very happy now ... and very, very poor* :)

Well, that's it for tonight, I'm gonna start thinking about getting some sleep now!

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Jexxie said...

är där kod ocj sånt också på väskan???hehe

Jessica said...

Yup! :D Man kan ställa in egen kod om man inte vill att nån ska bryta sig in till ens Bond filmer! *lol*

Jexxie said...

haha! vad ballt! är dokumentärfilmen om bondbrudarna med. den ska typ "genomföras" av hon som spelar den kvinnliga huvudrollen i Iskallt uppdrag? Hörde att den skulle vara med iaf. Den heter typ bondbrudar för evigt eller nått sånt..jag vill också ha den här boxen...du har fått mig att spara till den....hehe

Jessica said...

;) Har faktiskt inte kollat upp extramaterialet så mkt ... tänkte ta det efterhand som jag går igenom filmerna till mina nya projekt ... men skulle nog tro att den är med då det är MKT trevligheter på boxen! :D
Förstår att du oxå vill ha den - jag är verkligen helnöjd!! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Happy to hear you like your new little friend! :)

That Bond "box" looks SOOOO cool!! :) You'll have to show it to me when I come visit! (*lol* I have a feeling that's something you don't mind doing?) :)

Jessica said...

My new friend and I get along great - and he gets along with Zorro too! :D

I definately don't mind showing you my lovely attache case (yeah, I know I'm bragging, I just feel SO sophisticated saying that *lol*). Who knows, I might even get you to watch a NON-Brosnan Bond-movie?!?! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Glad you're all getting along :)

Goodie! :) You have every right to be bragging - it looks so cool ! :)

Yes, I'm getting rather ready to watch the other Bond movies too (and to watch the Brosnan movies again..haven't seen those in some time either)... I don't think I'll ever get so much into it that I'll buy the dvds (at least that's what I'm telling myself *lol*)..but next time they air them on TV I will for sure be recording them ;)

Jessica said...

I can understand it if you don't want to buy all of them - I'll keep my fingers crossed they will air on TV soon so you can at least record them! :D

The Darkest Night said...

yeah..I rather feel that if I were to buy Bond dvds I would have to buy ALL of them..and I really don't wanna *lol* (or my wallet doesn't wanna).

I actually joined a BOND dvd club a while back, but I ended up only getting the Brosnan Bond movies... because I would just be too expensive to get all of them.....(I think this was before Die Another Day had been released) I doubt I'll ever be buying the others..unless I can get them at a very low price! *lol*

So yes, hoping they will air them on TV some time again :)

Jessica said...

I really understand how you feel - after all, if it's not something you're REALLY interested in, you don't want to spend all that money!
I really do hope some TV channel will air them soon though, at least you can record them so you'll be able to watch them if you feel like it! ;)