Friday, 9 February 2007

Bad Blogger!

I feel like a terrible blogger now ... since started this, my "new" blog here on 20 september 2006, I had written one post every day that I had the oportunity to get hold of a computer ... and now it's several days that I haven't written anything! *shame on me*

It's not because I just feel totally horrible, because even though I definately don't feel great, it's not as bad as all that. I guess I haven't written here because things are VERY confusing in my life right now.
I basically know what I want to do, but I can never be left alone by the PTB (Angel-fans would know this, but for the rest of you: PTB: Powers That Be) to just try to do what it is I want to do. Instead other things and issues and general stuff (yes, I know I'm vague, you don't have to tell me!!) pops up all the time, and while trying to deal with them, I can't really deal with doing what it is I want to do.
Oh God, I sound like a complete lunatic, don't I??? I think I'd better just shut up right now ... needless to say, things are confusing.

In the tiny breaks I try to get from the chaos of my life, I try hard to get my James Bond Forum going ... The few members I have are great at posting - thanks for that guys! - but it's still a bit lop-sided with so few members posting! I try to "advertise" as best I can, but still - not much luck!
A temporary banner is up now at least, although when I make more caps I will probably do another one ...

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The Darkest Night said...

Cool banner! i really like it!

Jessica said...

Thanx!! :D