Monday, 19 March 2007

Another Week!

The days and weeks certainly fly by now ... and I can't quite figure out why I never really blog anymore. Guess I'll have to try and change that, right?!

Study-wise things are very intense right now ... I know I have sooo much to do, and I never feel like I do enough, which is kind of tough! I really want to try to make the most of this exam, although this entire semester so far has been complete chaos. Guess I can only try to do my best and hope it works out ...

I had my great friend Annika here this weekend - sooo much fun!! :) :)
We went around some shopping centers, saw the ocean (at last ... although it was storm ... *lol*) AND the big thing: We went to see Guys & Dolls in Malmö Saturday night! *yay!* I have written a review below, if you're interested in hearing about it!
I have some photos from Annika's visit ... but I am kind enough to not publish them here, until I have gotten her permission! :)

Oh, another totally cool thing happened this weekend. Something I could never have dreamed about! :)
In October, I went to a really cool Musical Highlights concert, which featured Swedish musical performers Christer and Cecilie Nerfont (they are SOOOO great, but highly underestimated in Sweden, I think)! I had a blast, that was probably the best concert I have ever been to, and afterwards, just for fun, I sent them a letter (they are married, so that helps. *lol*). I only did it to let them know I think they did a great job etc, and I definately did not expect any reply! I didn't hear anything and pretty much forgot about it!
When I checked my emails during the weekend, I got such a chock! I had an email from Cecilie!!!!!!! Soooo cool!!! She was superfriendly, thanked me for the letter, told me about her and Christer's future plans, about the concert they had done, how that felt .... sooooo amazing!!! :) :)

And on that happy note, I will sign off for today! :)
Take care, guys!

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