Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Two Days In A Row!

Wow, I'm back again!! Could it be I'm getting back into blogging again? Well, I guess I shouldn't say too much too early, but at least I'm on the right track now!

Today has been an okay day, I think. Lectures between 8 and 10 ... and I know I'll probably have to have this whole 'Uni-discussion' here later on, I'm just putting it off for as long as I can ... Angelic
Anyhow, after that, I sat at Uni studying for two hours before I met my mentor, and we went for a bite to eat.
I really feel I should be more effective with the time I have at home, I just have a very hard time with that. Time just seems to fly by and I have no idea where the hours go. Which is kind of annoying!

Well, I guess I simply have to get on with the Uni-discussion here, I really feel this entry would be very strange if I didn't give you any kind of background.
I am currently taking one of the hardest courses given in the subject of Theology, which is Hebrew. The first half of the semester, it's pure language, just getting the feel for it, learning grammar, hopefully getting at least a small Hebrew vocabulary. The second half of the semester we will review the original Bible texts, in Hebrew, working out what they really mean, various ways of translating them etc.
Now ... had I known how bad I would feel this semester, I would never ever have taken this course, I would have taken something else. This course really, truly demands that you study for 8-10 hours every single day. Since I have been feeling so terrible for the most part, I have not only missed the lectures, I have also not-studied.
This means undoubtedly that I am now in trouble, as the big exam covering the entire semester so far, is next Thursday! I do feel a lot better now - otherwise I would have had to drop out - thanks to some 'alternate solutions' I had to rely on. This at least makes me capable of studying, which I feel I wasn't before. But it still doesn't change the fact that I have missed soooo much!! I'm trying to tell myself that all I can do right now is to REALLY apply myself, work as hard as I possibly can until next Thursday and hope for the best. At the moment, I have no way whatsoever of knowing wether I stand a chance of passing this exam or not, but I will at least try to make a real effort of making a go of it!
Hope I wasn't completely boring with this ...:)

Anyway, I have been taking breaks every now and then, and pretty much all I do then is work on my forums. I actually feel quite happy about two out of three now, so that's not so bad, right?! :) Still would appreciate more members though, so why don't you check them out:
* http://007secretagent.proboards83.com
* http://carpediem2007.proboards60.com

When Annika was here, she showed me a little about digital scrapbooking, and being a fan of photoshop, I simply HAD to try it out! :)
I have only made one scrap so far (as I said, any breaks I been having, I have worked on the forums), so please be aware that this is my very first attempt!
Blushy 2

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