Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Three Days And Counting!

Yay! Third blog-day in a row! :)
Sorry, I am completely overtired, and in a rather strange mood, so you'll have to forgive this rather weird blog entry!

We had the last lecture of the week today, which feels great, although there is some big information thing on Friday I really should attend. The whole university system is being done over in Sweden, which means pretty much nothing stays the same! New kinds of education, new courses, new ways of looking at credits etc ... all in all, it is aimed at making a universal education system throughout Europe, which sounds good in theory! Not that funny when you're right in the middle of it though ...

I had a meeting with my student councellor today, where we tried to figure out what kind of courses I'll be taking this autumn (and coming semesters). Everything was a big mess, but we sort of made up some plan ... but as soon as I got home I realized we'd done it all wrong! *typical* We don't have to apply for next semester's courses until April 15, so now I'll focus entirely on my exam on March 29 and after that I'll have to deal with next semester!

Pretty much studying full time at the moment, and more or less all the breaks I take are aimed at making my forums work. I think I've found layouts that works on two of my forums, so now I'm just gonna have to figure out the third one! :)
Please check out the ones that I feel are working:
I'll let you know when I've completed the layout of my third forum!

Take care! :)

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The Darkest Night said...

Good luck selecting courses! It sounded really complicated, but I really hope you can find something good... *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks! Seems like it's getting even MORE complicated now, with things not working at all the way I thought ... so I'll have another apointment with my councellor after the exam ... *sigh*