Monday, 26 March 2007

*Thanks A Lot!* *ironic smile*

Yeah, I had just finished a fairly long entry here about my day, thoughts about my life and whatever ... just to discover that Blogger decided to delete the whole damn thing before publishing it ... thanks!

I am NOT in enough of a good mood to try to replicate the entire entry, so sorry about that, readers! Hopefully you will be given the insights of my mind at another time ...

Needless to say, I'm currently living in the world of Bible-Hebrew - any breaks I have are spent working at my forums - which are not working out anyway ... (links in previous entry for those interested) ...

Sorry, I was in a bad mood before blogger deleted everything - I'm in an even worse mood now ... Hope you all are well - take care!

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Jessica ej inloggad said...

Det är EXTREMT irriterande när något man skrivit raderas om så bar ett litet inlägg.