Monday, 4 June 2007

Am I Insane?

Some people would definately argue that, yes, I am insane ... since I have just spent almost 100 Euros online (about 930:- or £67 or $134) ....
On the other side - the one arguing that I'm not insane - I did get a lot for the money, that's for sure! The online shop had a pretty decent sale, with among other stuff, DVD Box Sets - my speciality! :) I actually got the first five seasons (that is five box sets!!) of The X-Files for my money, and considering I'd have to pay almost 500:-/box buying it at a Swedish online shop - I'd say I made a great deal, even though it was a lot of money!

Since everything in my life is a great big mess at the moment, it didn't go easy though. I put all the items in my basket, created an account and proceeded to Checkout - only to see a message saying that "This item cannot be delivered outside the U.K" ... huh?? I surfed around - feeling pretty upset since it was nowhere indicated that you could only buy stuff if you lived in the U.K. - and eventually found an email adress, so I sent them an email right away.
I got a reply something like 10 minutes later, they were supernice and aparently I had my settings on paying in Pounds, and if you were outside the U.K. you had to change the settings to Euro ... so it wasn't such a big deal after all! *lol*

Now I am eagerly awaiting my many dvd boxes - although I think it's lucky they won't arrive before my exam! :)

I've had a pretty much morning, my cold has felt a lot worse, and I had to go out and run some errands, so I think I'd better put some coffee on and get in "full-study-mode" right now!
Wish me Luck! :)

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