Wednesday, 6 June 2007

My Life At The Moment!

Yes, you see above what my life is about! For those of you who aren't fluent in Bible Hebrew, those two pages come from the beginning of Exodus ... oh, and when you "read" it, don't forget to read from the right to the left! *lol*

Naturally I don't feel prepared enough, when do you ever feel prepared enough? But at least I feel I have done what I can, and I can't do more than that right now, can I? If it isn't enough for a passing grade, I will just have to accept that and try to fix it come August.

Actually I can hardly belive this hellish semester will actually be over tomorrow!! I have waited SO long for this to come, it almost feels unreal now that we're here. Like I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and find it's March 7th instead of June 7th or something like that ...

I do feel 200% motivated to really try to change a lot of things in my life after tomorrow, because no matter what, I do not want to experience a semester like this one again. I know it will be hard, because I will have to change quite a lot of things, and also ways of thinking and ways of approaching things, but everything in the world is better than going through what I have gone through the past few months, that's for sure!!

Since it's not even 8 o'clock yet, I will try to get some more studying done before I drop dead ... I have done most of what I wanted to write down, but it wouldn't hurt to try to go through parts of the stupid Norweigan book again, I think.

I will try to get back here tomorrow morning with a brief post, since I'm celebrating with my friends tomorrow afternoon, I don't know when I'll get home or if I'm in any shape to blog when I do! :)

Take care, guys!

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: Exam - yuck - and funny picnic-celebration! :)


The Darkest Night said...

Good luck on the exam tomorrow!!

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks so much sis! :)