Saturday, 2 June 2007

Will It Ever End??

I guess I know it will end eventually, even though it certainly doesn't feel that way right now. On top of everything else I've caught a cold, so today I've not only experienced a sore throat but also a headache and fever ... thanks a lot!
I need all the hours I can get to study if I'm going to have the slightest chance of passing my exam on Thursday, but I can't get studying done with high fever, I just can't concentrate at all when it feels like my head weighs about 40 kilos and everything is spinning around ... *sigh*
But I don't know if I can cope with having to take two exams in late August ... I really really really hate everything about my life right now.

~~ Countdown: ~~ 4 days, 15 hours to freedom!! (or at least to something better than what this is!!)

Including some of my latest digi-scraps. The last one is a Swedish song, which at least my older sister probably knows pretty well. I will make an attempt of translating it for those of you who don't read Swedish, but I must warn you that I'm not great at these kind of things (anyone reading both languages have a better translation, feel free to let me know!):

Hold me and give me comfort in my life
Support me and give me the truth
Lead me when I am in doubt
Make me free and let me grow strong

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: STUDIES ... *sigh*


The Darkest Night said...

Cool scraps! I especially like the first one! :)

Jessica said...

thanks! actually (shouldn't really admit this though...) the first one is a "cheat-scrap" ... when I downloaded a bunch of sets it was pretty much ready, so all I had to do was insert the pictures ... but hey, we're all entitled to some cheating at some point, right? :)

The Darkest Night said...

*lol* nothing wrong with using stuff like that! :) It looks great - that's the main thing, right? :)

Jessica said...

my thoughts exactly! *LOL*