Monday, 4 February 2008

7000 Visitors - Thank You So Much!

Wow, I could hardly belive my eyes when I saw my counter has well exceeded 7000 visitors - that's amazing!! I'm really so many people seem to read my blog! :) And thoughts, suggestions, complaints or ideas about the blog are very welcome, so just let me know through email or comments! :)

I am planning an early night tonight, as I'm totally exhausted! I don't really know why, because it hasn't been such a hard day today, but I'm feeling more dead than alive right now! I was up studying this morning, not as early as I would have wanted to, but I got in a few hours before getting ready to go to Uni. Not exactly according to plan right there, I ended up going on my Hebrew lecture, which in retrospect was really lucky! I definatley missed this particular lecture last year, and I was kind of confused by it this time as well ... but I'm at least very happy about going to the lecture. I was really tired afterwards, but me and a friend from the course, Lena, stayed to prepare the sentences for tomorrow ... It was quite a lot to get through, but I don't think I have ever laughed so much and so hard about Hebrew!! *lol* Took us about 1½ to finish the sentences (I think there were 12 to prepare), and then we went home. I had to do some grocery shopping when I got back and on the bus into town I met a girl I studied with last spring, and it was really nice talking to her and hearing about what she was up to! :)
With grocery shopping (in a totally crowded store!) and a delayed bus, I wasn't home until a while after six ... and since then I've been in a state of coma ... at least that's what it feels like. I should have studied at least a little tonight, but I've had a headache since about 4 p.m. this afternoon, so that was sort of out of the question. It's not one of the bad ones, but it's bad enough for me not to get started on some heavy project!

Can't say I'm looking forward to getting up before 5 tomorrow morning, but at least it'll be nice to go to bed early tonight!

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The Darkest Night said...

Congratulations on the 7000 visitors! WAY cool! *hugs*

Hope to catch you online some day sooon...miss you!

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! :) Yeah, it really is cool ... Guess there are some folks out there who actually reads all this stuff! *lol*

I miss you too, I really hope we can see eachother online soon!

Jexxie said...

Grattis!!!! Alltid kul när folk läser ens alster! Kolla gärna in min nyta blogg på metro;

Säg gärna vad du tycker! KRAMAR