Monday, 11 February 2008

Good Life - Bad Day!

Well, my life continues to really work out now, although I've had a pretty bad day today!
This weekend wasn't completely on top either, and it seems like things have gone completely in reverse for me now. Earlier, the days when I had to be at Uni, or "work", be active and in a social environment, were the tough ones, the days that didn't turn out good. Now those days are better then the weekends, when I get to stay home! :)

Today was not that good though! First of all, I have more or less completely wrecked my right hand ... from writing to much! It feels really embarressing, but it's the truth!! My wrist aces constantly and most of the joints in my fingers hurt as soon as I try to do anything! (Holding a pen or pencil feels almost like torture!) And as about 90% of my studies consists of me writing - most of it by hand! - that's not good! I can't just "rest" or "give it up" either, as things are right now!! That has been rather annoying throughout the day!
The lectures today collided, and I know I have to go to Old Testament when that happens. When I got there, things didn't feel right at all ... it was quite tough actually. I feel a lot better being around the Department now but when things get strange I get some of the old alienation-feeling back ... After some agony I finally realized that the Old Testament lecture had been at 10-12 (instead of 1-3, when I was there!)!!! Either the schedule had been changed, or I had typed it wrong in my calender! It really annoyed me, and of course, by the time I realized it, it was too late to go to the Hebrew lecture that had already started.
What I did manage to do - which I probably would have done a year, or even six months ago - was stay until they took a break in Hebrew, and join in the other half of the lecture ... and I guess that was something at least, right?!

After lectures, Lena and me tried to study for about an hour, but the sentences were mostly strange, and my hand was totally hurting, so I was in a terrible mood .... I wasn't home until after 5.30, and then Zorro had a complete nervous breakdown - which happens sometimes when I've been gone for a long time! I had to double-check most of the Hebrew, which took a couple of hours, and I still have a paper about the Old Testament prophets to write, which turns out no good at all ....

I'll try not to sound too negative, because a great deal in my life is really wonderful right now ... but this day has been a strain!!
I just hope tomorrow will be better!!

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The Darkest Night said...

aw...I hope your hand feels better soon!! *hugs* I had the same problem a few times when I was a student..VERY annoying

and I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you :)

I think I'm gonna put on a les miz cd's actually been a while since I listened to them (I am agog! I am aghast!) LOL

Btw did I tell you I'm thinking of learning Hungarian ?

Jessica said...

Thanks sis ... I haven't been writing that much today, so it feels a bit better - I hope it holds up for the rest of the semester though! :)

Wow, Hungarian?! That is SOO cool!!!!! :)

The Darkest Night said...

that's good :)

yeah..well it's kinda complicated, but I have a bunch of letters in Hungarian (could be some in Romanian's not like I speak either language... *oops*) that i really need to get they are rather personal I'm not sure if I want someone else to do it, so I'm thinking the "easiest" way would be to learn the language...(plus I would really want to learn it....I've always been torn between learning Romanian and Hungarian...(and I know someone in my family would be very upset if they knew I was doing this), but after getting these letters I more and more feel I should focus on Hungarian....although after my German failure I wonder if I have ANY chance in succeeding... (i don't want to get into more details of it here..sorry..)

Jessica said...

No problems, I completely understand! I think it sounds like a very nice thing to do - and don't let the German thing get to you, every language is unique and special and you might have difficulties with one, but find another one really easy!
After all, I could never get the hang of German, and now I'm reading and translating Ancient Hebrew ... :) :)
Anyway, Good Luck! :)

The Darkest Night said...

I think I will give it a try...I was actually searching for Hungarian courses last night, but the only one I could find starts THIS week... (and it did cost quite a bit of money) I think I'll hold off on my plans a little...
yes, I think it might just be the German langauage I have a problem with (for personal reasons)..and that I could still have the ability to learn a new language, even if German was a comlete failure for me.

Hebrew does sound cool! kinda of jealous about that one ;)