Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Keeping Busy!

Oh yeah, still keeping busy, and still feeling pretty good about it! *lol*
Hebrew lecture today at 8 a.m., study date (Hebrew again) between 10 and 12, and since then I've pretty much been studying at home ... got a little worried tonight though, because I think I've made some bad priorities today. I started on this little "Hebrew-project", which I thought was great, it just turned out to be not-so-little at all ... it kind of got bigger and bigger and bigger - I ended up working on it all day and I'm still not finished! *oops* I have definately learned a great deal from it, but I have this really strong feeling that I should have been reading up on a paper I'm supposed to do for the Old Testament-course ....
I have a pretty good day tomorrow though, I have Hebrew between 8 and 10, but nothing else, so I should be home by 11 ... which means I can hopefully complete my Hebrew project and get started on that paper!

I am certainly learning one thing this semester - and that is to never consider anything (regarding studies at least) to be finished. Previously I have wanted to complete things in order to be able to put them behind me - and that soooo won't work right now! :) Since I'm more or less taking three courses at the same time, I never feel "done" about anything!! I'm supposed to prepare Hebrew for each lecture (we have lectures every day) as well as retyping notes and study grammar, I'm supposed to read about 1300 pages for Old Testament-studies, as well as retyping notes, I'm suppoed to read 500 pages for another Old Testament Reading-course and for that course also tranlsate about 20 pages of Hebrew text ... So I'm never ever ever getting "done", that's for sure! :)

I'm still feeling good, although I'm starting to worry a little about the Old Testament exam, which is on February 21st, because that's not very far away now ... and Hebrew gets more and more intense, so it's going to be hard to prioritize for a while now ...

Okay, lots of "study-talk", I'm afraid you're gonna have to deal with that, because fact of the matter is, I don't do anything else these days!
I'll have to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow, but I should at least be able to squeeze in another hour of intense study before stumbling into bed, so I guess I'd better get on with it! :)


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