Thursday, 14 February 2008

Better Mood, But Sad News!

Well, my mood seems to improve now, even though I'm feeling tired and rather stressed out, I still feel pretty good about where my life is right now (wow, had anybody said that to me a year ago, I would have had them comitted to an institution!!) ... quite amazing!

Hebrew lecture this morning, worked out pretty well. I still have to work hard at being more active in class - and I'm not always succeeding! But I really want to be able to, so I'm hoping I will be able to soon! One thing is the "read-translate-analyze" thing, because our teacher mostly asks one of us to do it, so if I hear "Jessica, will you read sentence one" I really don't have much choice, do I? The trick is when he asks other questions ... because fact of the matter is, I know most of the answers - even those that aren't directly related to our current course!! Like today, we had a name appearing and he asked if we knew who this person really was ... two pretty well-known people in the Bible had this name, and I knew both of them - but I didn't answer! *annoyed* Still, I am very much aware of this, both when I'm home but also when I am in class, so I really hope I'll get better at it!

I was home pretty early, but I have been very tired ... I guess all these 4.30 a.m.-mornings are starting to get to me now! :) I wasn't as effective as I had hoped during the afternoon, and then I got some bad news which made it a bit hard to concentrate on studies. I spoke to my Dad who told me that their next-door neighbour had died. I didn't "know" her, but she was still very much part of the general environment there. She was related to two of my best friends when I was little, and she was always around - she got on really well with my sister (M) and she had this cat who was always around when you were there. We knew this could happen as she had been very ill for a while, but it is still something you can never quite accept or understand - until it really happens!!
I will cope with this, of course, I wasn't close to her, but naturally it takes a little wihle to deal with this ... Also, she was about the same age as my parents, and even thouh I naturally know I won't be able to have them around forever, this was a rather crude reminder of how fragile your life and existence really is, and at any point in time it can be turned up-side-down ...

I haven't gotten much done at all tonight, but I will try not to worry to much about that, somehow it will have to work itself out anyway ... my concentration-level isn't the higest right now, so to speak ...

Now I'll try to get to bed fairly early, I could do with a good night's sleep - early morning tomorrow again, and then Lena and I will probably stay and study for a while afterwards ... I also need to be completely, 100% effective during the weekend, as I have to:
  • retype Hebrew notes
  • retype Old Testament notes
  • Complete an Old Testament paper
  • Read Old Testament litterature for the exam next week (3 books)
  • Clean the whole appartment
  • Do a lot of laundry
  • And probably a few things I have forgotten already ...
Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

Sorry to hear that *hugs* Loosing someone always hurts, even if it's not someone you're very close does affect you...

Mr Tias said...

Oj vad spännande saker du pluggar, undrar vart det ska leda.

Själv har jag läst så roliga saker som ... statistik, miljövård, geologi, astronomi, ekologi, demografi, familjesociologi, matematik, fysik, matematisk statistik och så något mer. :o)

Jessica said...

the darkest night:
Thanks! It does hurt, and it does make you think a lot ...

mr tias: Jodå, det är spännande - fast många höjer ett ögonbryn när de frågar vad man läser och svaret de får är: Bibelhebreiska! *skratt* Blir förmodligen en forskarutbildning av det hela så småningom :)
Oj då, du verkar ha läst en hel del spännande saker själv!!! :D

The Darkest Night said...

Yeah, I understand... don't have any "magical" helpful words to give... but if there's anything I can do, just let me know *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks for your thoughts!! Unfortunately there's no "universal magic button" for all times when you feel bad, but friends are always a great help, right?! :)