Saturday, 4 October 2008

Feeling Greek!

Today has been almost entirely spent doing Greek studies - though I'm constantly frustrated at myself for not being able to stay concentrated and focused for longer periods of time. I don't know where that comes from, but I have experienced it ever since coming back from sick-leave some 2½ years ago ... and I can't seem to do anything about it!
I'm taking full-time studies plus an essay (which constitutes as one quarter of full time), which means I should really study 10 solid, intense hours a day (not weekends) to make that work. And there's not a chance in Hell I'm getting even close to that!
Granted, things are "kind of" working out anyway - but still, think what I could accomplish if I could actually put in those hours!
But it seems impossible - I get tired and sidetracked and time flies by and I do a million other things, or I think of a million other things - and that does not constitute concentrated studying. *a little sigh*

I think today has been a bit better ... but it still could have been waaaaay better ... I have at least prepared next chapters sentences - all 25 of them, which means I should be a little ahead there. We're supposed to go through them on Monday, but we probably won't have time to go through all of them, so we will probably continue on Tuesday. I have also gone through various endings and forms (pure grammar) and I think I've got the hang of everything up to Chapter 8 (we're on Chapter 10 now, and 9 is a chapter I think you kind of "figure out" best just by reading text and doing sentences, it's not something you learn by heart) ... I also know almost all the words to the first 8 chapters now (though I need to learn the words for chapter 9, even though I can "skip" some of the grammar).
At least that makes Greek feel "okay", I don't feel good about it - to do that I would have been caught up with chapters 9 and 10 as well today - and have copied my notes ... but I still don't feel like I've fallen to far behind there.

Tomorrow I will focus entirely on my essay. I need to set up a meeting with my professor, preferably sometime during next week (I hope he has the time!), and I need to have something for him to take a look at. I'm hoping I can at least be able to write a rough draft to my Introduction chapter, with most of the areas which is supposed to be included there ... *I hope* Should I feel I have written what I can during tomorrow, there's always tons of books to read - and more Greek grammar to work on. No need to get caught with nothing to do, that's for sure ...

It's 9.30 and while I almost feel stupid, I am tempted to actually go to bed. Since I'm up at 4 a.m. most mornings during the week, Zorro wakes up at about 3.30 and he does not let me sleep ... so I can either stumble up then (yeah right!! *rolling eyes*), or wait for him to calm down. He usually goes back to sleep around 6.30, but when I go back to sleep at 6.30, I have a tendancy to sleep to at least 9 o'clock which is WAY to late for me!!
(I'd like to get up somewhere between 7 or 8 when I have a day off).
So now, if I can get to bed this early tonight, I can get up at say 4.30 tomorrow, maybe get a few hours of studying done, and take a mid-morning nap instead - which would be really nice! I think that's my plan! :)

Good night everyone - hope you are enjoying your Saturday evening!

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