Thursday, 23 October 2008

In Constant Pain!

Well, apparently these last two weeks of the first part of the semester isn't going to be easy for me. Now I'm basically back on track emotionally (sort of, anyway), but instead I'm battling constant headaches. I have them when I wake up, all through the day (in varying degree) and I have them when I go to bed. The only problem is that most of the time they are bad enough for me not to be able to study - which is NOT GOOD when I'm under so much pressure!
I really am trying every trick I can think of, and nothing seems to work! *deep sigh* I'm now on the third day - which isn't that much really, last fall I think I went something like 13 or 14 days in a row, the only problem now is that I don't have the time for it!!
I'm making priorities as it is right now, to make things work, and I'm prioritizing more than I'd like to, so I really don't have time to spend like 5 hours a day trying to make my head at least function on a basic level!
*frustrated and a little sad*

Things are, as you have probably understood, very intense now. I'm having trouble knowing how to deal with what - and that is made even more difficult when I'm constantly in pain - and I keep making plans and decisions all the time, only to realize I have to change them over and over again ... which makes for a very confusing life right now.
Mostly, the Greek is confusing, because I feel I need to prepare texts for the lectures we have, but I'd rather study for the exam (as these texts we're doing now will not be on the exam), and I know that the exam is more important (because it IS an exam!), and yet I have a hard time coping with not being prepared on lectures ... there have been one major incident and a few minor in regards to this and I really have a hard time dealing with that ... Still, I cannot ignore the fact that I have a huge exam in a week - maybe I should start studying for it!?!?!?!? *frustration again*

I realize this entry doesn't make much sense, blame it on the fact that I've slept 3½ hours, had a rather long day with a constant headache ... and there you go!
I am sorry I'm keeping everything so vague these days, it's not usually the way I blog, but first of all, there are issues I haven't resolved fully myself yet, and then I simply cannot bring myself to write about them here, and second, I am very confused right now, and I don't know what is the best thing to do - in many situations! And trust me, spelling it out for you and giving you all the options I'm struggling with, would be even more confusing! :)

My head is almost co-operating now, so maybe I can at least try to get a few hours studying in ... even though somehow I doubt it ... right now the headache is under control, but I do know these headaches by now, and I know that as soon as I try to concentrate the least little bit, it will return with full force ...
Anybody got any nice suggestions for headaches, I'm happy to listen! *desperate* I am however not too desperate, so nothing to fancy, okay? No acupuncture (which has been suggested by a fellow student) and definitely absolutely NOT a doctor ... but any simple home-cures .... ?!?
Thanks in advance!

Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

(stupid Blogger killed my here we go again...)

so sorry to hear you've been having headaches - those can be SO annoying! I really hope you feel better soon!

I think I've already shared my favourite headache-cures....LOL....(Mka-cd, disney-dvd.....etc LOL) I'm just gonna send you a *hug* and hope you feel better really soon!

Good luck with your studies!

Dakota said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

The Darkest Night said...

are you feeling any better? I really hope so! *hugs*