Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Good Day + Weird Day!

Whoa - this is going to be a catch-up entry, as yesterday and today have been very intense days, though in completely different ways ... so here we go.

My Terrible Tuesday Two started with Greek lectures at 8 a.m. Amazingly enough, we were only five students there!! We aren't a big group, like 10 or 11 in total, but five students ... don't think I've ever been to a lecture with so few students!
I got my personal anxiety-training going, as I was asked to read three (!!!) different sentences! *yikes* Thank God I have managed to improve my approach to the whole reading-thing, and that I cope with it in a better way than before! One of the sentences were apparently a bit tricky, and I got tons of follow-up questions on it - I fixed all but one, I got it finally, but it took waaaay to long (and I got way to much help from my teacher *lol*)... At least it felt really really great that I coped the way I actually did - because going through the sentences and all of the questions took it's time, and I was in focus the entire time ... something I'm usually not that good at!

After lectures, we had a mentor meeting ... but it turned out only me and one other guy was staying for it!! At first it felt almost silly, one mentor and two students ... but I got a lot out of it, and it was totally nice (I really like our mentor, and the other student present and I get along really well), and I got a lot out of it!

I was supposed to go to a lecture with our bishop at 11.15, but our mentor meeting took its time, and I didn't check the clock until it was 11.30 *yikes*! It felt a bit sad I missed the lecture, because I really wanted to go - I've never seen/heard our bishop (*a little ashamed*) and I think it would have been a great way of establishing myself at the Department even more - but I didn't make it, and I have to deal with that!

I went out for lunch before settling in the library with commentaries on Ecclesiastes - but after about an hour Lena showed up, so I got a break. She was having an Old Testament exam, so we had some coffee and talked a bit. During our break, a few other students showed up, among others my Greek-mentor - and I am constantly amazed at how well things work socially right now! :) I ended up one-on-one with my mentor, I haven't had much contact with her before (though we are both writing essays for the same seminar!), but it worked really really well, and that felt great!
Then I continued my essay studies for about two hours, and by then I felt more dead than alive - but then it was time for the optional essay course. It does keep pretty terrible hours (4-6!), but they give me SO much, I really don't regret taking it!!! It would be even better if I had gotten a bit more done on my essay, but I still feel I get a lot out of it!!

I was taking the 6.20-train home, feeling pretty worn out, when all of a sudden I spotten Sara and Martin!!! *yay* I haven't seen Sara since just the beginning of the semester - and I haven't seen Martin in AGES (can't even remember when *ooops*), so it was really wonderful to see them again, and do some catching up during the train ride!! We do have a dinner planned (me, Sara, Martin, Johanna and Per), but we haven't set a date yet, so we're gonna have to get busy on that!

When I got home I was completely out-of-it, so all I managed to do was eat a little and cuddle with Zorro, before stumbling into bed.

Today ... wow ... today has been very weird indeed.
Lectures this morning, which started a whole chain of very emotional thoughts with me. In retrospect, most of what happened was actually really great - but it still turned around into a negative spin. I had hoped to write my way out of it on the way home, but today of all days I had forgotten my diary. I knew I had to start writing when I got home, but I was so mixed up, it took almost all day to sort out all my thoughts and emotions - and I'm still feeling very confused.

I'm not going to Uni tomorrow - we were supposed to prepare 35 sentences (!) and there's no way I could do that today ... but I still feel I'm up-to-speed and that I will cope and work it out, so I'm not beating myself up over it.

Since my mind has been very occupied today, I haven't been able to get much studying done - but I have really gotten started on my super-secret-project now. That in itself is a good thing, because I clearly realized I have a deadline which is approaching, so I can't take all the time in the world in getting it finished either ...

Now I'm starting to feel really tired - I hope to get some more work done on the project, but then I'm off to bed!
Good Night!

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storschan said...

Nå tack och lov, där är du. blev lite orolig en stund då du inte skrivit nåt på såååå länge.... Hoppas allt hamnar på plats igen och att du får en bra morgondag.
Jag kom inte iväg till lund i morse, trots att det var meningen. Men vi kanske hinner ses på fredag? jag har en kasse böcker till dig.

Jessica said...

Ja, visst var det läääänge sen jag skrev - missade en hel dag! *skratt*

Fredag låter bra, jag har föreläsning 8-10, men måste nog sitta och "läsa uppsats" större delen av dagen! *gäsp* (I alla fall DEL av dagen *hehe*) ... har du 10-12?

storschan said...

jepp. 10 - 12 är jag där så vi ses då.