Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Such An Intense Day!

Today has been a very confusing and very intense day, and I can hardly keep my eyes open now, so it'll definitely be an early night for me, that's for sure.
Most things today has turned out really well - as oppose to the last few days or so, when I haven't been feeling all that great - but it has still been a lot of things that have affected me emotionally, and that draws a lot of energy from you!

We had lectures this morning ... it was okay, I suppose. There was once "incident", no panic or anything, but it didn't feel all that great. It didn't affect me nearly as much as it would have a year or two ago, but it still felt a little uncomfortable.
After lectures, I tried gathering some thoughts on my essay, as I had a meeting with my professor about that. A few other students came up and talked to me, and I know I'm repeating myself like a broken record, but I'm SO happy things are working out the way they are at the Department!

I met my professor at 10.15, and I have to say I'm very impressed with him. He's always in a good mood, always has a very positive attitude, and I think what's most important to me is that he is (at least he seems to be and I have no reason to doubt him!) genuinely interested in what you do. I mean, this is a professor who has worked with this stuff for God-knows how many years - feels like he should have "seen it all - heard it all", but he takes an interest in what you do and how you think about things.
Most of all, I got some great help for my essay. It really helped talking things through with him and I got some great advice on how to move forward and what to do next, which was exactly what I needed!

Then I was supposed to get a ton of errands done, all over town ... and I ended up getting none done!! It was quite frustrating actually, as I had planned for it, and had set aside time for it ... guess there's not much to do about it, but at least one thing will be tricky to work out now - and naturally that was the most important one ...

When I got back to the Department I placed myself in the library with the ambition to work on the 20 (at least!!!) sentences we were supposed to prepare for tomorrow ... and I was completely unfocused! I had a headache that turned worse by the minute and I felt totally out-of-it. A friend who also takes Greek now came and talked for a while, but unfortunately that didn't cheer me up much this time - I had so much on my mind, and just felt confused about everything.
A professor in the New Testament showed up, I had him on two courses last semester, and I think he's really nice. We ended up having quite the conversation about essays, Greek and Hebrew, various courses and such, and it was really nice!! Since I want to continue with post-graduate studies eventually, it's wonderful to be able to talk and be fairly relaxed, not only to students but also to teachers and professors!

I should have stayed at Uni for the optional essay-writing course between four and six, but there was no way I could cope, so at 2 o'clock I gave up and came home ...
I've been feeling completely out-of-it ever since I came home ... not really sure why I've been this tired, because even though it has been an intense day (and note I'm not quite comfortable writing everything in a public blog, so reading between the lines make you realize a bit more actually happened).

I also found out that the professor of Old Testament that I have had twice in Hebrew, and like very much, will be holding his last public lecture in a matter of weeks. He's retiring now and will make this one "his goodbye", I suppose. Ever since I found out we would be giving it I have wanted to go, and now I finally found the time and date for it!
Unfortunately, it's tied in with everything else - I guess there's no surprise everything will come at once, right?
Soooooo, on 24 October I will attend his lecture (which is late in the afternoon). On 25 October I'm going to a wedding. On 27 October we have our big essay-seminar, which I'm in total panic about. On 31 October we have our (pretty HUGE) Greek exam .... *gulp*
I wonder how I will live through that week? ;)

Anyway, since I'm more dead than alive right now, I'd better try to get some sleep, if I'm going to survive tomorrow!

Take care!

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A lovely night-time photo from the ocean, where the birds are all settling in for the night.

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storschan said...

hallååååååå! vart är du? Saknar din blogg!!!!

Jessica said...

thanks ...
mår inte jättebra just nu, och det tar lite tid för mig att orka skriva då ... sorry ...

storschan said...

Nåja, bara jag vet att du andas så.

Jessica said...

jodå ....