Thursday, 24 September 2009

Holy Hannah!

Oh my ... a lot has happened the last few days, so I guess I should try to give you an update. Hopefully I can get on with regular blogging now, but for that to work, the update is pretty necessary!

I had an oral exam and a thesis-tutoring on Tuesday and I was in complete state of panic regarding the exam. Things have, as you may have noticed, not really worked out great lately, even though I have had some wonderful moments. I haven't found a working routine or been able to find focus and discipline on my studies, which has been very frustrating!

I did have a bit of luck on my exam, but I also actually noticed that I do know a little about my subject, I can think pretty fast, and I can draw conclusions that I'm not always prepared to do ... Turns out I did really well on the exam, and I got a Pass With Distinction (VG)!!!!! I had anticipated a failing grade, so that felt absolutely fantastic!!!! Also, this was the last so called "reading course" I'm allowed to take in Old Testament Exegesis (you are only allowed to take four such courses in each subject - and I've done my four now *sob*), so it was extra fun to actually end it with such a good exam! :)

After that we discussed my first grade thesis that I will be writing over the next few weeks. I had prepared some preliminary thoughts on what I wanted to, and the professor accepted it right away which felt really cool!! He gave me some ideas on literature (but most of it is in German, which I find quite difficult!!), and we discussed what I'm going to do next, and when to meet for our next tutoring!

The day was almost to good to be true, it felt unreal!! I have had some really good moments so far this fall as well, but this one is really outstanding!!! I took the entire day off yesterday and now I'm feeling really motivated to just "get on with it"!! :)
I was at Uni this morning, but I have a cold about to break out and I got a headache so around lunch time I gave up and came home. I ended up sleeping for over 2 hours (yikes!!) and after that I have done some more studying, and gone though my economy - which was NOT FUNNY!

I'm off to Uni again tomorrow, but now I have to start winding down and mentally preparing for tomorrow!

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