Saturday, 12 September 2009

Week 1, The End!

Whoa, I didn't think it was that long ago I updated this blog ... sorry about that!
This week has been extremely intense and filled with ups and downs, so I guess I've had my head full of other stuff!

So, what actually has been going on? *thinking*
On Monday I attended the first of a lecture series on how to write a thesis. I went on these lectures last fall, but they are really good so I figured I'd go this semester as well. The guy giving the lectures is fantastic, and you get tons of good advice!

I've been studying at the Department at least half days all days of the week, some whole days as well. On Wednesday night, we had the Kick Off for the fall semester. I planned to go, and I also managed to convince a friend of mine to stay as well. I can't say that I'm enjoying myself 100% (I felt the same last semester, which was the first Kick Off I attended), but I do want to go! I feel at home at the Department and I want to stay there as long as I possibly can, and part of that is attending stuff like Kick Offs! :) There were a lot of photos taken as well, and I noticed they are up at the website ( CTR - Centrum för Teologi och Religionsvetenskap ) alreday! *not funny!*

I had a seminar for my first level thesis (Old Testament) on Thursday afternoon. For some reason, my morning had been really terrible, so I was quite anxious about the seminar ... but it takes no more than five minutes around these people and the atmosphere they create for me to feel completely at ease and just enjoy what is going on. Most of the seminar was a 'lecture' given by 'my' professor (assisted by the NT professor) on how to write an essay, tips and advice and thoughts on that. This was actually the third time I attended this - I got a comment about that - but it's a fantastic lecture and I really enjoy it, even though there wasn't that much new for me.

Yesterday I studied during the morning, ended up forgetting to find someone at the Department I really should have talked to (not good!), took a trip to a mall outside town where I found some new clothes (really cheap too - yay!!), and actually took the night off! :) Very nice!!

This morning I have mostly written in my diary, trying to catch up and deal with everything that has been going on now - which is A LOT! I have also tried to catch up online a little, and now I'm hoping to have an efficient afternoon, both when it comes to studies and other stuff!

I have a tough week ahead of me too - but I think I'll save that entry for tomorrow! :)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! :)

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