Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Strange Week!

Sorry about the lack of updates, but this has been a very strange week ...
I still don't feel really great, so I'm sorry to make this a rather vague entry - but I just don't feel comfortable to let it all out right now!

My studies aren't going great at the moment, for some reason, I just can't seem to find the rhythm and discipline to make it work - and I have an exam (and a discussion about my first level thesis!) on Tuesday! Can't say I'm looking forward to that one little bit, although I have no illusions at all about passing, I just don't think that's possible, unless I get really really lucky!!

I went to a post-graduate seminar on Tuesday, I'm going to present my master's thesis there next year, so I'm supposed to follow at least some of the seminars. I don't think I will go into details here, because the seminar affected me for various reasons and that's been a bit tough to cope with.

At the moment I feel like I'm living in a bubble, until Tuesday afternoon! Most everything feels strange, but at least I will know more about how to plan my semester and what to do when after Tuesday - right now I just feel like I'm drowning in stuff to do, with the discouraging result that I'm getting nothing done!

Sorry about the not-so-funny entry ... this hasn't been a good week or a good day! Hopefully it will improve!

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