Saturday, 5 September 2009

Nature Photos 2005-2008

As a contrast to the boredom of my studies and all it's confusion I thought I'd share some beautiful nature photos with you!
I hope you like them as much as I do! :)


Beautiful flower! :)

From a park caring for animals under the threat of extinction.

The West Coast of Sweden.

Winter Wonderland - in the summerhouse! :)


Summer sunset at the ocean!

Cool looking pelican at St. James' Park, near Buckingham Palace! :)

A moose coming to visit at the summerhouse! Gave me quite a scare actually! :D

Trip to the West Coast! :)

Winter Sunset at the summerhouse!


A cool - and controlled - fire! :)

Beautiful sunrise - taken on my way to Uni! :)

A truly beautiful rose, grown at my father's house!

Nature pictures from the summerhouse:

From the animal's park again. We convinced my older sister that the tiger (in the second photo) really was Shere Kan from the Jungle Book! :)

Creepy looking hornet's nests ... found under the roof to our porch, when we made a new roof!

Cool looking clouds!

Various nature pictures from 2007:


Ocean Pictures:

A beautiful rose!

The Turning Torso Building in Malmö! One of my favourite photos, I love the angle of the photo! ;)

More ocean pictures!

Pictures from Sofiero!

You gotta love the green!! :)


More nature/ocean photos:


storschan said...

du är så sjukt duktig på att fota!

Jessica said...

Tack ska du ha! :D
Tycker mest det är roligt men det är klart det är ännu roligare om det blir bra motiv också! :D

Ses vi nåt på tågen nästa veckan?!?

The Darkest Night said...

very beautiful photos! I loved the "winter sunset" ones! Also fun to get to see the pelican again - he was soo cool!

Jessica said...

Thanks! :)
Yeah, the pelican was totally cool! :D

Dakota said...

Luv the photos! They're so beautiful! :-)