Monday, 14 September 2009

Yay it's Monday!

I guess I am a bit weird, but to tell the truth, week days does work better for me than weekends! :)
I've spent most of today at Uni, studying all morning, trying to get some materials for the post-graduate seminar tomorrow ... that turned out to be a bit complicated, and I guess I'll just have to attend and hope it will work out! *gulp*
There was also a "course" in how to make good scientific searches in the library, various data bases and search engines etc, and that was really useful!

However, I do feel rather uneasy as my studies aren't going so well right now! It feels like I never get anything done, and I have SO much to do ...
I am also extremely tired all the time, and that makes it even harder to get lots of things done. I guess there's not much I can do except try to dig in and do whatever I can!!

But now, I'm off to bed - early morning tomorrow, and I need some serious mental preparation for the post-graduate seminar tomorrow ...

For my Swedish readers: if you're interested, I'm trying to get my theology blog started again:


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