Thursday, 21 September 2006

Another Strange Day!

My life seems to consist only of these "strange" days now. I don't really know why, and I can't say that I like it, but I guess I'll have to live with it for now. Although I have to say that living the roller-coaster-life is not my preference, I'd much rather have a normal, quiet life where I knew pretty much what was going on. No such luck though.
Some things today have sort of worked out, I got a bit of studying done, I started doing some cleaning, I worked a bit on the computer etc, but despite that, I'm not in a great mood. It seems like I have been putting off soo much stuff lately, that it seems impossible to catch up! I know there's nothing I can do except keep on trying to get things done, and maybe some day I will be back on track again, but at the moment it feels rather hopeless! I've felt like I've been fairly active today, I've been trying to do things, and not just sit in front of the TV, but despite that, I still have an enormous amount left to do ... so, I can't help asking myself wether my work today was worth anything at all ...

Okay, enough with being totally down and negative now - sorry about that! *trying to cheer myself up a bit*
Still no definite news on my little trip later this fall. I will however try to arrange a place for Zorro at the "Animal Hotel" where he usually stays when I'm gone. It's gonna be a bit tight, becuase I need the lady who runs it to come and pick him up (as I don't have a car), and if I'm gonna catch my planned train, I don't have all the time in the world. Guess I'll have to ask her tomorrow to see if we can squeeze it in.
I'm a bit nervous about having to leave Zorro though. Last time I left him at the Hotel, he came home quite depressed!! He's never had any problems before, he's stayed there many times in the past, so I was quite worried when I saw he wasn't feeling great ... Later on I started thinking though. At the time for Zorro's visit, the Hotel was in the process of moving location, so I'm kind of guessing he was left pretty much alone, maybe there were a lot of construction going on, noises he didn't recognize etc, and that's what made him feel bad. Now it should be a completely different story, so I'm definately willing to try and send him to the Hotel again! I really hope he'll feel better this time, becuase I really don't have anybody else around here that can look after him - so if I can't use the hotel, I pretty much won't be able to go away ... *fingers crossed*

I've spent some time today trying to get my Forums going ... they are slow to say the least. Still, I haven't given up on them yet, as I really really would love it if they worked out and activity and members started increasing!
Feel free to check them out if you like:

The ABC Café - Les Misérables Forum
Jessica & Zorro's Forum

Take care, guys!


The darkest night said...

Hey Jessica!

I hope everything works out with Zorro and that he's able to have a good time while you're away! I thnk you're right about why he got depressed there last time, so if things are back to normal there now he should probably be just fine..try not to worry! And I hope you'll have a great time! When are you leaving btw? (sorry my memory is no longer working).

Jessica said...

Hey Annika!
Yeah, I hope it'll work out with Zorro too ... though I have noticed that he isn't quite as adaptable as he has been in the past - anyway, I can but try this time, and hope for the best.
Hopefully this trip will happen, in that case I'll be gone 9-13 November! (Best of West End on the 11th and Chess on the 12th) ... *yay*

The darkest night said...

Ok, I understand...well, I hope everything will work out well - for you both! :) (does sound like an amazing trip!)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I hope so too!! There are lots of things that needs organizing of course, but I bet it'll be wonderful if I can make it happen in the end! :)

The darkest night said...

*fingers crossed*