Thursday, 28 September 2006

A Short Entry!

This will have to be a short blog-entry, as I am really tired and I have to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow - definately not looking forward to that.

My mood goes a little up and down at the moment. Some things feel pretty good, I'm content with myself and what I achieve, and other stuff feels just dreadful and makes me feel really down and depressed. It's confusing to live, that's for sure! :-)

It seems I am at the moment in a time of my life where absolutely nothing runs smoothly, everything seems to be just about as complicated as it can be! A few examples:
I managed to get a reply by email from the lady regarding the Animal Hotel! The dates were no problem, and she asked me to email her back about the times when she was going to pick up and drop off Zorro. So I emailed and asked could she come and pick him up sometime between 11 and 1 on the day that I leave, and drop him off anytime after 3 p.m. on the day when I get back. About an hour later I get the reply that she can pick him up and drop him off at 11 ... eh, huh? I'm not even HOME until after 3 ... I emailed her back again, and has not heard from her since ...
Second example ... I got a letter in the mail today, which looked sort of strange. It turned out to be my ticket for Chess, and I was really happy it had come so quickly! Until I opened it, and realized the ticket was for the wrong day!!! It said Saturday November 11th, instead of Sunday, November 12th!! Also, I really can't go on Saturday, since I'm seeing the Best of West End show than!! I managed to track down my Dad, and he and his girlfriend contacted the Arena in Oslo, and aparently I should send the ticket back to them, and when they get it, they will send me another ticket for the correct day! That sounds good, but at the moment, I would be satisfied until I have the actual - and correct - ticket in my hand!

I'm worrying a little about tomorrow as well ... we have lectures, and it didn't work out so great last time, so I can't help but feeling kind of nervous. This will also be the last lecture during the Psychology of Religion-part of the course, on Monday we start on Sociology of Religion with another teacher ... I think it will be really interesting, and the "new" teacher is fantastic, I've had him before, but I'm still worried about what kind of assignments he'll give out, will there be even more group assignments, and how on Earth will I be able to handle that? I'm certainly not doing a good job of it now, that's for sure ...

Okay, I'll quit here, before I get completely insane over all this.
Wish me luck tomorrow! :)
Good night!

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The darkest night said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Sorry things aren't going that great..hang in there! In the end I hope it will all work out...*hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks a lot!
I'm hoping it'll change soon as well, it gets really tiresome when absolutely nothing seems to work out!

Dakota said...

good luck with everything!
I hope you get the correct tickets soon!

Jessica said...

Thanks Dakota! :) I also hope it will be sorted out soon!