Friday, 22 September 2006

Going Up ?

I'm sitting here trying to figure out wether my day today was actually a going a little better than before. I think it might. I'm not saying I'm on top of the world, becuase I'm not, but every little thing that doesn't make my life feel worse at the moment are good!

First of all this morning, I called the Hotel to see if she could take on Zorro for me. Naturally, I had to talk to hear answering machine. I don't mind that so much, but she hasn't called me yet ... that shouldn't really get to me, especially since I'm not going until November, but there are so many "unsolved things" about this trip, I would really like to start organizing it properly. Still, I'd better give her a few days before I call again.

Next on the agenda was trying to put together two assignments I had for Uni. I usually don't have a hard time getting assignments done, I can fix them pretty quickly, so I wasn't very worried. Until I started! This willl hopefully teach me not to take anything for granted! First of all, I hardly understood the chapter in the book we were suppose to read ... I'm taking a course in Psychology of Religion now, which is very very interesting, but this chapter was about how you "measure" religion, how to get quantitative statistics on various aspects of religion - and trust me when I say it was complicated. Anyway, I finished the chapter in high spirits, thinking that once I read the questions, I'd probably see that it wasn't all that difficult! Yeah right! *ironic smile here* I hardly understood the questions!!!
I tried to write something or other down on paper, and it ended up being gibberish! Totally frustrating!! Finally I realized that I had to get these stupid assignments done, no matter what ... so after several hours I managed to at least get something written down!! I have a tendency to always write to much on my assignments - let's just say there'll be none of that here ... we were supposed to write 600-800 words, and I think I ended up with about 530 ... I don't think I've ever written so little ...
Anyhow, now I've handed it in, and if I have misunderstood or gotten the whole thing wrong, my professor will just have to let me know what I did wrong, and I'll have to do it again.

After all this I figured I deserved a break, so I thought I'd go to a large mall about 30 minutes away by bus - I needed to go there anyway to fix some things. I took a quick shower, and when I checked the bus times, I realized I'd have no problems getting to the mall - I just wouldn't be able to go home!! I had no idea the buses were so bad in late afternoon and evening ... I was suppose to go around 3.30 p.m., but I wouldn't be home until almost 9 p.m. That was totally out of the question of course, I'll have to go tomorrow instead.

The afternoon was spent fixing some auctions for a Swedish auction site called Tradera (sort of like eBay), as I'm in the process of selling a lot of stuff right now.

On the whole, this feels like a rather good day though. After all, I managed to call the Animal Hotel - even if I never got to talk to her, at least I have started something. And I wrote the assignments, even if I'm not really happy with them, there's nothing I can do until my professor grades them. And who knows, I might get lucky and pass! :-)
Still, my mood is not terrific. There has been quite a lot of set backs for me personally in the last weeks, and it's always tough to deal with that. I will deal with them, of course, becuase I have no choice ... but that's not to say it's easy to deal with it ...

Also, I re-decorated one of my "websites" and made a minor update. It's the site where I publish graphics of my adorable little sister ... I changed the layout and added four more graphics. You can check it out at:

My Little Sister


The darkest night said...

Hey sis!

Happy to hear you've had a rather good day! Good luck with your assignment!

Lovely graphics of your little sister! She sure is cute! My favourite is the green one (2-years-old). She looks like a mix of you and Shirley Temple! :)
I love the new layout too! That midsummer pic is so sweet!
You really should try digi.scrapping some day too! I think you'd like it! :) (You already have the most important thing - a cute little model!) :)


Jessica said...

Glad you enjoyed the graphics ... wow, a mix of me and Shirley Temple - I definately have to tell her parents that!!! :) :)
I bet I'd really enjoy digi.scrapping ... guess I'll have to convince you to come and visit me and give me a personal tutorial! ;)


The darkest night said...

*LOL* well she DOES look like a mix of you and Shirley! Which of course makes her WAY CUTE! :)

yeah'll get a free lesson when I see you next time *promise*

Jessica said...

*LOL* Haven't spoke to her parents yet, but I'll make sure to mention it to them! :)

Thanks - always appreciates free lessons!! :D

The darkest night said...

Cool! *lol*

Guess I'll have to start bugging you for some free piano lessons soon then! *LOL*

Jessica said...

No problem, I'd be happy to! :) Unless, of cousre, I've forgotten everything I ever knew about pianos now!! *sig* Almost feels that way since I never get to play anymore ...

The darkest night said...


I doubt REALLY impressed me last far as I'm concerned you're Mozart! :)

I just have convince you to come for a visit too - it's been ages! :) (and NO that one this summer does NOT count...*lol*)

Jessica said...

*lol* Okay ... Mozart?!? Can you say "overreaction"??? ;) Nah, thanks for those words, but I doubt I can remember much by now ...

And I'd LOVE to come for a visit ... but as you know, organizing it isn't always the easiest thing! (Btw, I can't BELIEVE you won't count my LONG visit this summer ... what was it, like 5 hours or something?!? *LOL*)