Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Good News ... I Think?

This has been a pretty good day, I think. At the moment, I'm totally tired, so I'm not quite sure how to sort through all the events of today, but at least I'll give it a try.
We had lectures this morning, and I arrive at about the same time as this other girl I have talked to a little. We both come in on the same train (although it's so crowded, we never see each other until we're outside the lecture hall! Anyway, we're both early, since the train come in early, and I think it's working out fairly well, she's friendly and pretty easy to talk to. Of course, as soon as her two friends arrive, I'm on the outer again. I'm not very disappointed though, because it's a huge improvement for me, just to be able to talk to somebody!!
The entire lecture today was spent on Sigmund Freud, so we had quite an interesting morning! :) At the end of the lecture one of the other students asked about our examination, and while our professor was rather vague at least he confirmed that it will be a group assignment with a written and oral presentation at the end. Not what I had dreamed of .... My best bet is to ask this girl I've been talking to, if there's a chance I could join her group, but that will inevitably make our group rather large, with me I'm fairly sure it will be 4 students ... but I can't really see myself asking somebody else! Also, I HATE asking things like this!! I always feel like I have to beg them for the favor of accepting me into their group, which is definately not great for your self-estime ....
Aslo, these groups form so enormously quickly, you can hardly blink before everybody has their own little group, so I really feel I need to ask this girl about it tomorrow! *gulp* I'm totally nervous about it, of course, and I think it's a safe bet to say that my anxiety level will reach high tomorrow, but I still feel there's an advantage to ask her first thing in the morning, because we're usually alone there ... and it's definately easier just to ask her, instead of "attacking" the entire group!! What can I say, except ... Wish Me Luck!

Some good news though!! I booked tickets for the 'Musical Highlights' show tonight! Unfortunately my friend couldn't come with me, but I'm still really really looking forward to seeing it!
I also had a few phonecalls from my Dad and his girlfriend today, and eventually it turned out they had gotten tickets for the International Tour of 'Chess' in Oslo! YAY!! *happy now* It was rather complicated so I'm really happy it worked out in the end!
Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to get hold of the lady in charge of the Animal Hotel, and that's getting fairly annoying. Since she needs to pick up Zorro, and drop him off, I need to discuss the times with her, before I make definate plans and book the train tickets! I think I might try to send her an email tomorrow if I haven't heard from her, and see if that's more effective!
Anyway, I'll try to make this an early night (if such a thing is possible), since I've been sleeping so badly lately!
Take care, and good night!

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The darkest night said...

Good luck tomorrow!! *HUGS*

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! ;)