Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Stupid Superficial Problems!

I've had a really terrible day today, and while I realize that it's all small stupid superficial problems that shouldn't bother nobody at all - my mood has gone downhill from minute one ....
So here's me using my right as the owner of this blog to whine about unimportant problems: Thank You! (you have been warned! Pissed)

We're going through a major heat wave here - and I hate it!! I know there are lots and lots of places in the world with far greater temperatures, and all I can say is I admire people who can live there and not go completely insane. I've had over 30 degrees (~86 F) inside today, and I can't stand it!!! I'm sitting in my couch staring out into nothing and not moving a muscle - except the occasional blink, which, for the record, I cannot control! - and I'm sweating like a big, fat pig!! Also, experiencing some serious breathing difficulties today - not fun!!

I know I have to study 24/7 now, if I'm going to get through these last few days, but this morning I simply HAD to spent going over yesterday and everything connected to that - including diary, photos, blogging etc.
And after that it was lunch time and the heat had really set. And there's not a chance in HELL (haha, very funny, I feel like I'm there already!!) I'm sitting translating Hebrew verb forms when I can't even breath! But God only knows how this will end!
More than anything, after last night's lovely celebration, I want to do well on my oral exam - but I'm not sure how I'm gonna manage that if I can't even study!!

Also some annoying personal stuff has come up - and things turned into a great big mess when my Dad and I tried to work out how to shift cars, and book tickets and it was just ... something SO simple - one train ticket, one bus ticket, that's it - use the cheapest option that works in time - turned into something extremely complicated ... which didn't help my breathing abilities, nor the heat-induced headache I've been having for company all day ....

I still feel terrible about having such a disagreement with Zorro last night, and yet I can't help but feel so annoyed with him I could just go on screaming on top of my lungs for hours and hours and hours .... which is pretty much all he's doing these days ... I really wander what our neighbours thinks about us ....

Okay, this is me officially complaining like an idiot about unimportant stupid little problems! Deal with it - I am!
And keep your fingers crossed I'll have a better day tomorrow!!

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: Theology of the Old Testament, Walter Bruggemann
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My Plans for tomorrow: Studies at Uni, supporting my fellow Hebrew students who take their final exam, meeting a friend in Malmö


The Darkest Night said...

aw..I hope you had a better day today! the heat can be SO annoying.... it just gets impossible to do anything..which is even more annoying...

Jessica said...

Thanks sis ... sorry about the horrible blog entry ... It feels stupid complaining about the weather, since you can do absolutely NOTHING about it ... but I just felt AWFUL yesterday!
A bit better today - though still seriously bothered by the heat ...