Wednesday, 18 June 2008

On Summer Vacation!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about the lack of updates here recently, things have been very hectic indeed, and I haven't been feeling the very best.
I'm off north to the summerhouse today, and those of you who has followed my blog for a while now, know that I won't have computer-or-internet access during the summer. I can sometimes sneak computer time, but it will be extremely limited.
Therefore, don't expect updates on this blog, even though I will try to write something if I get the chance.

I'm expecting to be back home in the beginning of August, thereby also getting almost four weeks vacation at home as well, so I will definately be back with frequent updates then. (I will truly miss blogging during the summer, that's for sure - not to mention reading everybody else's blogs!)

I wish you all a very nice summer, take care of yourselfs and try to get some well-earned rest!
Best Wishes,
Jessica & Zorro


The Darkest Night said...

I hope you're having a wonderful summer vacation! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks, I'm doing okay so far ... though I'm looking forward to be able to get back to regular blogging again!
Hope you're okay too!