Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Very Intense Day!

Yesterday was very intense - I had hoped to be able to write a proper blog entry when I got home yesterday, but there was no way ... (not only due to the intensity, but also because of extreme heat, severe headache and an insane cat). I should have studied since something like 4 a.m. this morning - but I have spent most of the time in my diary (won't go into it all here, but there were some personal stuff going on yesterday as well)!

And here I am trying to blog as well! :)

I arrived at Uni at about half past ten yesterday morning, and I did manage to get some translatino done - at least I feel I'm more efficient sitting there studying than here, so I guess I'm gonna have to take the 9-5 days at Uni that I can now.
Around lunch, Sara came by, she'd just finished the very last moment on her very last essay on her very last course at the Theology Depratment - and she got the high grade, VG! CONGRATULATIONS, Sara!!! :) It was really GREAT seeing her, and I hope we can find a time to celebrate when my semester is over too!!

We had the very last lecture at 1.15 - not just the last lecture on the course or during the semester, it was actually the very last teaching lecture this professor will ever have, as he will be retiring in October. And that felt rather special! Also, just before we started, there was some commotion by the door, and in walked the head of the Faculty along with another Old Testament/Hebrew teacher and a few of the academic staff ... they did a little speach and handed over champagne and flowers ... sooo nice! :D It was actually a really nice moment, and I'm very happy to have been a part of it!!
The lecture flew by without me hardly noticing it, and then we had about three hour to kill before our little 'get-together' at 6. Lena and I was supposed to study ... yeah right! Rolling Eyes We ended up doing way more talking then studying! :)
When the clock started heading toward 6, I started getting some major anxiety (had experienced a little before as well) - but the weird thing was ... well, first of all, the anxiety in itself didn't bother me so much, and I think that was because the second weird thing, namely that I realized I hadn't experienced this kind of anxiety in months!! That is almost an indescribable feeling for me, and it means sooo much!! Truly amazing!!
When we were supposed to meet the other students, we met up with our professor, and then there was a great big mix-up with where we were supposed to be, and how to get there (within the building, but it was still very complicated!) and we nearly ended up getting locked out in a staircase! *lol*

Finally everybody ended up in the right place, and we got to meet the professor's wife, a very nice lady indeed!! They had ordered catering, so a large table full of yummy food awaited us - very nice indeed!! After a while, me and two other girls slipped out to get the present ready ... we bought everything last week, and they had put a lovely looking basket together during the weekend. They had thought of a few words to say, but I soooo wasn't ready for that and felt I really wouldn't cope!! The anxiety that I had dealt with earlier crept up a number of steps!! But instead we decided they would say a few words first, and instead I would be the one handing the basket over. I do NOT like to be in the center like that, but that still felt okay ... somehow ...
And so we did! :) It was a great moment, being able to give him that gift, and we also had a lovely time when we tried to force him to read the card - where we all had struggled hard to write our own name in Hebew lettering! *LOL* For some reason he wouldn't read it all out loud, but he was sure he would "decrypt" it all later! :)

We had a really lovely time, me and Lena left at about 8 - and then there was a great big mess with the trains, so we couldn't leave town before 9.20 (!!) ... so I guess we could have stayed longer ... but we had a really great time at the train station, talking serious stuff and laughing our heads off - more or less at the same time! :) (Despite the fact that an extraordinary amount of fraight trains decided to come along and interrupt us every 3 minutes or so!)
I really have to say I feel very lucky and very greatful for having found my 'place in life', more or less, I keep finding people I get along with, people I can trust, people I can talk to and people I can be open towards! I've never felt that before now ("now", read the last 1-1½ years!), and that is a fantastic feeling!

When I got home, the built-up anxiety along with extreme exhaustion and extreme heat, made me kind of loose it! I felt I HAD to open the balcony door (I had nearly 30 degrees inside!!), but of course Zorro went completely insane, and I became more or less insane too ... and then of course felt horrible about it and burst out in tears!
This ended up with me having to close the door - meaning I had to try to sleep in 30 degree-heat - it did not go well!

That along with the entire day yesterday - and some personal issues that had to be dealt with in my diary - has meant that studies will be done this afternoon and there will be no studying at Uni today .... I feel a bit bad about it, but I still know deep inside that if I hadn't gotten all this out, I wouldn't have been able to focus on studies anyway!

Loooong entry ... just one more thing before I sign off. I (and Lena helped!) managed to take a few pictures yesterday, and I also got some in the mail from Johanna - and I've uploaded them to a Picasa Webalbum. I didn't want to publish them here, in a public blog, without permission from everyone, but if you feel you want to see them, please let me know and send me your email address - and I will send you the link. That way the pictures won't circulate the internet .... You can either contact me by leaving a comment here, or send me an email (my 'official' online email address is: jessiezorro@gmail.com).

Today's Blog Dedication:
I have double blog dedications now actually - and they are really for yesterday, but I hope that's okay anyway:
  • Sara - for finishing her studies in such a remarkable way! Congratulations!!!!!
  • Professor Sten Hidal, for completing his last teaching lecture, after 40 years (or 33, depending on how you count, right?!) of teaching. Good Luck with future projects!

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The Darkest Night said...

sounds like you had quite the day, with both good and bad things happening...

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was definately very intense! It's been a long time since I needed that much 'recovery-time' after a day that I did after that one!
Most of it was really good though, so I'm mostly trying to hang on to that! :)